6 - 8 November 2018 Vienna, Austria

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What is EUW?

Connecting the smart energy community

European Utility Week is your platform for achieving a fully integrated and interconnected electricity system and market in Europe. We host the environment for all key players in the smart energy ecosystem to come together and discuss European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply.



This is reflected throughout the event from the exhibition, where we work with the most valuable solution providers, to addressing the key business challenges in the Summit programme.

The event is a business, innovation, networking and information platform and is seen by the industry as their terrain. They use the event as their annual meeting place to thrash out strategies and do business to help drive efficiencies in meeting their sustainable development goals.

  • I look back at a fantastic EUW in 2017. Thanks to the unbelievable involvement of our partners, ambassadors, and sponsors we have been able to include even more utilities at the event and discuss the topics that will help the energy transition move further. I’m looking forward to continue the conversations with you, the sector, in the upcoming weeks, towards EUW 2018
    Paddy Young
    Group Director, European Utility Week

What will you find at European Utility Week? Watch the video:

Our history

How the story began - 1998

The creation of European Utility Week started in 1998 when the event was called Metering, Billing/CRM Europe, attracting 200 attendees. From then on the event organisers Synergy Events delivered a number of high-level events for the energy sector such as Smart Grids Europe, T&D Europe, ESCO and a series of regional spin-off events in the smart utilities space. But it wasn’t until 2008, when Synergy Events joined the Clarion Events Group, one of the world’s leading event organisers, that the idea of European Utility Week was born.  

The following years  

Throughout the years that followed it became clear that each individual event in the Synergy Events portfolio was morphing into one desire - the need from the market to have one event hosting all key industry players from the energy sector.

European Utility Week is born - 2013

European Utility Week (EUW) was thus born and the first event was launched in 2013 with the aim to aid the industry as they work on long-term strategies and provide them with inspirational high-level content and effective networking opportunities to achieve one of the biggest industry transitions in history.

Celebrating 5 years of EUW - 2018

Now in its 5th year, the event attracts over 12,000 decision makers and experts from utilities, network operators, vendors, consultants, startups and system integrators covering the entire smart energy value chain. 
european utility week history

How our partners see our evolution:

Willem Strabbing, Managing Director, ESMIG

Willem Strabbing, Managing Director, ESMIG

We owe our existence as an association to what is now European Utility Week. Our founding members met at Metering Europe 2007 in Vienna and decided they need to have a unified voice at a European level. One year later, ESMIG was created and we have been an active part and strong supporter of EUW since. It is the main event where we meet our members and continue to grow our network. It’s really the place where we can feel the pulse of the industry every year!


ESMIG logo European Utility Week partner





Robert Sarcevic, Business Development & Marketing, Siemens

Robert Sarcevic, Business Development & Marketing, Siemens

Siemens has been a longstanding participant and partner of EUW events, even before the implementation of its meanwhile well established name.

Way back when: After being an exhibitor at “Metering Europe”, we tested also the "T&D Europe / Smart Grids Europe" 2011 event in Denmark as sponsor, but with a limited scope, focusing on few dedicated topics.

The mentioned single events were kind of fragmented in addressing the smart energy related topics, while we wished to showcase our end-to-end capabilities, summarized in our Smart Grid Suite, reflecting the Industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products, systems, solutions, and services - ranging from field level all the way up to IT/OT integration and associated topic areas. 

Therefore we desired to have a kind of concentrated event as market - and meeting - place for all of the relevant topics, by combining the mentioned, previously existing single events. By this, we intended to meet more of our customers and partners at the same time, enabling us to draw the complete picture and to discuss with our peers developments caused by the tremendous change utilities have to deal with, driven by decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization.

In our discussions with Synergy, the event organizers showed a lot of understanding and sympathy for this idea.

Consequential, in 2012 we started a new phase of collaboration:

The European Utility Week was kicked off, combining the co-located "T&D / Smart Grids Europe, Metering Europe, Smart Homes". At the same time we launched our new Smart Grid branding & booth concept and presented it for the first time, along with multifold activities around the show in Amsterdam. 2012 was the first year of our exclusive Diamond sponsorship for EUW, which we repeated every year thereafter.

One of the highlights I associate with EUW is the announcement of our strategic partnership with Accenture in 2012, leading to the founding of the OMNETRIC Group, which we announced jointly with Accenture, just one year later – again at our crowded booth in Amsterdam at EUW 2013.

The now:

Today, it is hard to imagine EUW without an omnipresent Siemens participation. I am pleased with this positive development for both partners and that our original promise of a long-term win-win partnership has become true.

As one of the Siemens representatives, who initiated the Siemens activities around the newly formed EUW and accompanied our joint activities ever after, I can say I have been a supporter of EUW from the very first moment - and I am still a big fan of this event, which has almost traditionally become a meeting place for smart energy professionals and decision makers from all over Europe and abroad.

We look forward to meeting you again at the Siemens booth to showcase and discuss what's next for Agility in Energy.

Siemens European Utility Week 2018 Diamond Partner


Peter Jensen, Senior Researcher, EDF Research & Development

Peter Jensen, Senior Researcher, EDF Research & Development

Looking back at European Utility Week, it is in fact an impressive journey through the evolution of Europe’s utility industry.

Evolving from a metering event organised mostly for a group of network operators from integrated utility companies, the show has grown to become a true international energy sector event with specialised content: exhibition, summit, hub sessions, country pavilions, Initiate!. 

The event continues to be incredibly successful due to its unrivalled level of innovation and Synergy deserves a big hand for continuously helping us keep track of the latest industry trends.

For this year’s event we will again hear all those seasonal buzzwords: IoT, blockchain/ P2P, cyber security, AI, AR/ VR… and hopefully the industry will once again catch our attention with new solutions, technology and innovation to assist utilities in their transformation.

So much to see, so little time... See you in Vienna!

edf european utility week 2018 vienna austria




Paddy Young, Group Director, European Utility Week

Paddy Young, Group Director, European Utility Week

I am so proud to see how the event has transitioned from a niche event for a certain sector to THE event for the entire smart energy community. I think this is certainly due to our passion and drive to stay connected to our community and make sure we deliver an event that reflects the needs of the entire energy ecosystem to be smart, responsive, self-repairing, and green.

European Utility Week 2018, Vienna, Austria

Philip Lewis, Founder & CEO, VaasaETT

Philip Lewis, Founder & CEO, VaasaETT

Over the 18 years I have attended this event it has constantly adapted to the changing needs of the market. Always at the forefront of evolution in the industry

VaasaETT European Utility Week 2018

Philippe Monloubou - CEO, Enedis

Philippe Monloubou - CEO, Enedis

Enedis has been participating in EUW regularly since 2014; this event is a unique opportunity to meet and share experience with all energy stakeholders in order to shape together a sustainable energy future. We are looking forward to this new edition in Vienna, where we will be showcasing our transformation into a 21st century, smart-grid-ready Distribution System Operator, elaborating on the ongoing roll-out of smart meters throughout France, integration of renewable energy sources, implementation of smart technologies for enhanced grid efficiency and more particularly on our initiatives to speed up the use of electric mobility. Come and visit us!

Enedis European Utility Week 2018


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