6 - 8 November 2018 Vienna, Austria

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The Visitor Portal offers all event attendees greater matchmaking & scheduling options!




In 2018, the Website and the Visitor Portal are all in the same platform, you don't need to download an event app. All the information about the event is available across all your devices - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

You need to be registered to the event to access the Visitor Portal and you had to let us know on the registration form you wanted to be a part of it.

Questions? E-mail us at service@european-utility-week.com or visit our Information desk at the entrance of the Messe Wien!

The Visitor Portal is the go-to platform to:

  • access the attendees list

  • access the exhibitor list

  • network with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors

  • set up meetings on site

  • save programme sessions

  • set an event agenda

  • and much more!



Why should you join the Visitor Portal?



Are you looking to get in touch with that policy expert?

Do you want to find the best deal for your company on the exhibition floor?

European Utility Week 2018 Visitor PortalThe Visitor Portal allows you to connect with Attendees and Exhibitors by adding them to your contact list and by sending them a message or a meeting request.

Browse the People and Exhibitors menus under Matchmaking to discover who you want to meet with in Vienna.

And check out our recommendations - we use your preferences to recommend other attendees and exhibitors to you that match your interests!

Don't forget: other people may be trying to contact you! Check your Messages inbox regularly!



European Utility Week 2018 Visitor PortalAll the appointments you will make will be available on a  schedule under the Appointments tab, so you can have a clear overview of your agenda during the event.

You can also block certain time periods, so other attendees can't send meeting requests for that time, and you can download your agenda too. 

Your Favourite Content

Your Favourite Content

European Utility Week 2018 Visitor PortalYou can bookmark programme sessions, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, blog posts, interviews and more content on the EUW website. And if you are logged in to the Visitor Portal, these will all be saved for you to check later or to build your event agenda!


Your Benefits:

  • Create a Wishlist of content that is important to you. Save, email or print off in advance of the event to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.
  • If you save Programme sessions, you can add them to your Schedule on this section of the Visitor Portal (click on 'Add to my Schedule' on each time block). They will be added to your Schedule under the 'Appointments' tab.  
  • You can also download a calendar file to add each Programme session(s) to your Outlook (click on 'Add to Calendar' on each time block).
  • Tailor your attendee experience by adding relevant exhibitor content, speakers, programme sessions, etc., to your agenda ahead of the event.
  • The content comes to you! You don’t have to do a thing - our software does it all for you and it will push relevant content to you making sure you don’t miss out on something you may not have been aware of.
Explore EUW

Explore EUW

This is where you will find the best event content that matches your interests! 

European Utility Week 2018 Visitor PortalYour Recommendations - based on what content you save on the EUW website, we will suggest similar content, including blog posts, interviews, programme sessions or exhibitors and sponsors.

Popular - check out what other people are seeing on the website and be inspired!

Featured - this is a selection of content by the EUW team! Enjoy!

Fast access to the Visitor Portal!

It's easy!

All you have to do is click the button below to log in to the Visitor Portal.

E-mail address: insert the e-mail address you used to register for EUW

Password: check your confirmation e-mail to see what is your password; if you can't find it, click on the button below and click on the 'FORGOT / RESET PASSWORD' link so you receive an e-mail to create a new password.



Don't know what your password is?    

If you don't know where your confirmation e-mail is (where we have sent you your password), click  on the 'FORGOT / RESET PASSWORD' link on this page so you receive an e-mail to create a new password.

Frequently asked questions

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