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Programme Topics

Key topics explored in the programme:

We will be discussing the most actual and forward-looking industry challenges and opportunities around the transitioning generation mix, renewable integration, digitalisation, energy markets, through to end-use.

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Energy Revolution

Energy Markets



Distributed Generation

Lifecycle Management

Summit topics

The New Energy Mix

The New Energy Mix

With the EU’s 2020 climate and energy targets now just months away, a new scenario for Europe’s energy system must be put into action – one that is complementary, adaptable… one might even say hybrid.

What will be the projects, technologies and fuel choices that will form the blueprint for this market? The future of the energy system is still the subject of heated debates – and you will hear them all in the New Energy Mix Summit track.

If the diversification and decentralisation of power sources is critical to ensure system reliability and flexibility, could a blend of electrification plus a new path for gas be the winning recipe for Europe? 

And what are the opportunities at the edge of the grid? This new ecosystem is where the future grid allows generation, storage and consumption of energy, all continuously enabled by technology with networked microgrids capable of producing, using and storing energy and transacting energy with others. 

In this picture, multi-directionally connected and informed energy prosumers are set to take centre stage. Forward-thinking utilities need to be ready to tackle the integration of distributed energy resources, deal with changing energy demand, and ensure security and reliability for customers as the grid evolves – not to mention changing their own business models to adapt to a new energy market.

Energy is consumed in three main end-use sectors of buildings (including heating and cooling), transportation, and industry. Connecting these three sectors will be crucial for the success of the Energy Transition: the decarbonisation of the grids and enabling different generation sources to share their energy across various points of consumption. Regulations are currently not reflective of developments in sector coupling as they are mainly power driven with gas as a backup for flexibility. Join us to hear about the latest in sector coupling and regulatory barriers.

You can expect strategic talks with pertinent panel discussions in this Summit track, where you will hear key industry players highlight what they bring to the energy table and how they propose to accelerate change. There will also be a spotlight on Europe’s cutting-edge, large-scale projects right across the electricity value chain. 

The Summit is designed for senior level and executives from utilities, DSO/TSOs, grid operators, IPPs, cooperatives, municipalities, aggregators and large energy users, European policymakers and regulators, academics and research institutions. 

Come and meet your peers, understand competitors’ visions, and most of all – be inspired by new concepts and business models to thrive in Europe’s energy transition.

Energy Markets

Energy Markets

The Energy Markets Programme will consist of an Energy Markets track in the strategic Summit and on the Energy Markets Hub Sessions Programme on the exhibition floor, with sessions in our Power Trading theatre and in our Gas Trading Theatre. 
Both programmes this year will allocate a lot of time to digitalisation in trading, new market players and to new business models and value opportunities.

  • What are the most profitable opportunities?
  • What are the real challenges and who are the enablers?
  • What new startups do we see emerging and what are their strategies?
  • We will also focus on the future outlooks for the wholesale power and gas markets, energy price drivers, the flex market and the future market design.

All in all, Energy Markets will provide you with the latest updates on market developments and will enable you to network with key stakeholders from the energy trading community, large energy users and solution providers.



You can expect speakers from:

Shell, ENTSOG, Energy Community, Centrica Energy Trading, EFET, Statkraft, Pure Energy, Florence School of Regulation, Priogen, ERGaR, E-Control, European Commission and many more!


The programme is specifically designed for Gas & Power traders, heads of trading, settlement specialists, IT managers, data scientists, market analysts, originators, aggregators, energy managers at energy-intensive companies, TSOs and DSOs.



For 2019, the Digitalisation programme is going to return to the basics. We are going to focus on the core of digitalisation, mainly the use of digital technologies (sensors, meters, connected devices, infrastructure, etc.) that help reduce costs and rapidly transform the existing business models by creating – among other things – new sources of revenue. This was  decided after all the messages that came out of of European Utility Week 2018, during our second day keynote panel discussion on “Doing Business in a Digital and Decentralised Energy System”.

The digitalisation programme is not, however, going to include only presentations of new technologies. It is going to ask and try to answer questions of strategic importance for the energy sector. 

We start our journey with the “Digital Ecosystem” session, where we are asking the question “Where is Digitalisation taking us?”. Various stakeholders (startups, utilities, communities, the EU Commission, local authorities, and solution providers) are going to venture an answer. 
The session dedicated to the “Digital Utility Transformation” is going to guide us through the current roadmap and answer questions such as “How much digitalisation we really need?”, “What works and what doesn’t”, “What are the best digital strategies for a single digital market?”. 
During the “Digital Technologies solving problems” and the “CyberSecurity” sessions, we are going to investigate the problems that the various technologies at hand (AI, VR, AR, Digital Twin, etc.) are solving and how. 

And finally, the “Democratising Energy via Digitalisation” session is going to focus on problems caused or solved by the new technologies – as well as their ethical impact – for the Digital Citizen, the consumer of today and tomorrow.

If you believe that digital technologies are going to transform the world’s energy systems and you wish to exchange knowledge and ideas with high level officials from Utilities, High Tech Companies, Digital Platforms, Virtual Power Plants, Solution Providers, Consultants, European and Local Authorities and the Academia (to name but a few), then the Digitalisation track of the Summit is perfect for you!


You can expect speakers from:

Hedno, Elia, Terna, Intracom, Grid Singularity, Huckaby, ETIP SNET, Energinet, EDF, EDP, Italgas, Amazon, Siemens, Rescoop, Wepower and more!

C&I - Commercial & Industrial Energy Users

C&I - Commercial & Industrial Energy Users

Corporate and Industrial (C&I) Energy users are of huge importance to the energy transition, currently consuming 26% of Europe’s energy annually and are also among some of the most proactive market participants in areas of Energy Procurement, Energy Efficiency, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In its third successful year at European Utility Week, the C&I event will become a full Summit track FREE to pre-qualified energy management professionals who want to learn, share and network with their peer group and leading utilities, suppliers and innovators in this space.

Day 1 will include a series of Masterclasses on Power Purchase Agreements, structuring ESCO financing deals for Energy efficiency and onsite generations investments, and the Sustainability Energy Playbook.

Day 2 will start by focusing on Corporate Strategies for Energy with senior leaders sharing their viewpoints and experience about how to make Energy an Exec level priority, and then in the afternoon market updates on Energy Procurement in Europe from leading procurement professionals on PPAs, Trading & Hedging and Energy-as-a-Service.

Day 3 will deal with Energy management with Case Studies from the Industrials, Information and Communications Technology and Office and Retail sectors on Monitoring & Controls, Efficiency and Flexibility.

If you are working in Energy Procurement, Energy management, Corporate sustainability, Finance, Legal or other departments working on C&I Energy then this Summit is for you.

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  • Talk Community Interview: Francisco Puente

    25 Jun 2019 Francisco Puente, Business Development and Projetcs Director, Escan energy consulting
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, Francisco Puente
  • Talk Community Interview: Diederik Peereboom

    25 Jun 2019 Diederik Peereboom, Director General, T&D EUROPE
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  • Talk Community Interview: Jayson Dong

    25 Jun 2019 Jayson Dong, Policy Officer, Avere
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  • Flying a kite – the 100 per cent renewables myth

    21 May 2019 Peter Hughes, Director of Business Development, Black & Veatch Europe
    Why conventional power generation is not the enemy in the fight for a carbon-free future
  • The present, the challenges and the future of gas trading

    10 Apr 2019 Patrick Bauduin, Content Director, European Utility Week
    Read the interview with our Brand Ambassador, Ilaria Conti, Head of Gas at the Florence School of Regulation
  • Smart meters and smart data

    10 Apr 2019 Willem Strabbing, Managing Director, ESMIG
    Read the interview with Willem Strabbing, Managing Director of ESMIG
  • Few sectors of the European energy industry are changing as fast as the gas market

    09 Apr 2019 Kelvin Ross, Power Engineering International
    Read the interview with James Watson, secretary-general of Eurogas, partner of European Utility Week & POWERGEN Europe 2019.


Hub Sessions Programme

Hub Sessions Programme

The Hub Session Programme is free-to-attend and takes place on Hub Theatres found on the exhibition floor. The Hub Sessions explore innovations and technologies helping to transform the energy landscape showcasing projects, intelligence and insights into future solutions. Check out the Programme and which key topics will be addressed during the Hub Sessions:


Summit Programme

Summit Programme

The Summit Programme is designed with the objectives of our community in mind. This high-level knowledge sharing programme, which is not free to attend, features four key themes crucial for your business.



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