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Hub Sessions Topics

Key topics explored in the programme:

We will be discussing the most actual and forward-looking industry challenges and opportunities around the transitioning power generation mix, renewable integration, digitalisation, energy markets, through to end-use.

Hub Sessions

Energy Revolution

Energy Markets



Distributed Generation

Lifecycle Management

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  • Talk Community Interview: Ruediger Koenig

    06 Aug 2019 Ruediger Koenig, Executive Advisor to investors and suppliers in the low-carbon energies value chain
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, Ruediger Koenig
  • Talk Community Interview: Sandra Trittin

    25 Jul 2019 Sandra Trittin, Head of Business Development & Marketing and Co-Founder, tiko
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, Sandra Trittin
  • Talk Community Interview: Carmen Gimeno

    23 Jul 2019 Carmen Gimeno, Secretary General - GEODE
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, Carmen Gimeno
  • Talk Community Interview: Guillermo Amann

    08 Jul 2019 Guillermo Amann, Senior Advisor to the President, ORMAZABAL - a Velatia company
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, Guillermo Amann
  • Talk Community Interview: François Le Scornet

    08 Jul 2019 François Le Scornet, President , Carbonexit Consulting
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, François Le Scornet
  • Talk Community Interview: Francisco Puente

    25 Jun 2019 Francisco Puente, Business Development and Projetcs Director, Escan energy consulting
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, Francisco Puente
  • Talk Community Interview: Diederik Peereboom

    25 Jun 2019 Diederik Peereboom, Director General, T&D EUROPE
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador,Diederik Peereboom
  • Talk Community Interview: Jayson Dong

    25 Jun 2019 Jayson Dong, Policy Officer, Avere
    Read the interview with EUW Ambassador, Jayson Dong
  • Flying a kite – the 100 per cent renewables myth

    21 May 2019 Peter Hughes, Director of Business Development, Black & Veatch Europe
    Why conventional power generation is not the enemy in the fight for a carbon-free future
  • The present, the challenges and the future of gas trading

    10 Apr 2019 Patrick Bauduin, Content Director, European Utility Week
    Read the interview with our Brand Ambassador, Ilaria Conti, Head of Gas at the Florence School of Regulation

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