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Hub Sessions

The free-to-attend Hub Sessions explore innovations and technologies helping to transform the energy landscape showcasing projects, intelligence and insights into future solutions.

The Hub Sessions offer a dynamic format and engaging Q&As, allowing attendees to network in an exclusive topic-led setting, right on the exhibition floor! This creates the right environment to help utilities tackle the challenges they face in an ever-changing environment.

You can join the Hub Sessions on the exhibition floor for free!



Check out the Programme overview here:


These will be the topics being discussed during the free-to-attend Hub Sessions, taking place on the Exhibition Floor:

Energy Revolution

Energy Revolution

The use and efficiency of energy have increased significantly, and we know that the energy system of the future is already dominated by renewables. In the Energy Revolution Hub, we will combine 8 sessions addressing the latest in 

  • Storage
  • Renewables
  • Gas
  • Hydrogen
  • E-mobility
  • Incentivising the consumer 
  • Grid Operation. 

You can expect key projects, lessons learned and success stories in each of the sessions.

The ongoing research and refinement of new manufacturing techniques are bringing efficiencies and cost reductions to wind and solar. We will look at the latest innovation in low cost renewables and hybrid application of Wind and Solar. 

What’s hot in storage: battery eco-design; grid applications for technology; behind-the-meter storage and power-to-gas. What is the impact of the Clean Energy Package on the role of the TSO and DSO when it comes to storing energy?
Monitoring and assessing of the smartness of the network. We will look at approaches for future-proofing the grid. Hear what TSOs, DSOs, grid users and technology providers consider the best ways of improving the monitoring and assessment of the grid.

Grid Operation 4.0. Can the EU make the low-carbon economy a reality? Yes, we can. All the necessary technological solutions are already available and sometimes part of the energy system. The increasing complexity of the network implies the need for a more sophisticated operation by utilities. We will address key issues and solutions for a future-proof operation of the electricity grid, such as automation, digitalisation, cybersecurity, data management and interoperability, microgrid, electro-mobility and the integration of distributed energy resources.
We will be addressing current charging opportunities and future electrification of transport opportunities. What will the sector look like 5 to 10 years down the road and how can the sector make the changes today to plan for this and assist fuelling the mobility transformation by 2050. How EV fast charging will affect the network and the chicken and egg issue of EV charging infrastructure deployment. What is the E-mobility impact on retail: Installing, operating, selling, on the grid, 2nd life issues? On the consumer side: the digitalisation of the customer journey and the electrification of the consumer journey, how to incentivise the EV user.
The potential of renewable gases in the energy of the future, including biogas, biomethane and renewable hydrogen. Power-to-gas converting renewable electricity into synthetic gas will enable inter-seasonal storage of electricity. We will look at the different levels of production processes and also key projects in Europe on gas.

Is Hydrogen the future energy carrier? The hype around Hydrogen is justified as Hydrogen conversion technology and applications runs in many sectors like transport and power to heat. Hydrogen can expand supply in the power sector via use of electricity from renewable sources (renewable electricity) to electrolyze water for storage. Hydrogen will be discussed in various sessions but will still have one session completely dedicated to it.
The consumer at the center stage: we will look at opportunities arising in the community energy sector from the growing low carbon economy, from reducing energy use, managing energy better and generating energy.


You can expect speakers from:

EASE, EDF, Iberdrola, Vattenfall, Enedis, T&D Europe, Siemens, Schneider Electric, AVERE, EnBW, Hydrogen Europe, GRDF, Imperial College London, IRENA, GEODE, TERNA, RTE, E.ON, National Grid, Stedin, DG Energy and more!



This Hub will facilitate business and networking opportunities between engineers, project managers, policy officers of utilities, renewable energy producers, European bodies, energy agencies, solution providers, all will the common goal of meeting and looking at how they can collaborate and learn from each other to find new business processes and solutions.

Energy Markets

Energy Markets

The Energy Markets Programme will consist of an Energy Markets track in the strategic Summit and on the Energy Markets Hub Sessions Programme on the exhibition floor, with sessions in our Power Trading theatre and in our Gas Trading Theatre. 

In the Hub Sessions theatres, we will showcase market forecasts, best practices, projects and business solutions from a more practical angle.

Both programmes this year will allocate a lot of time to digitalisation in trading, new market players and to new business models and value opportunities.

  • What are the most profitable opportunities?
  • What are the real challenges and who are the enablers?
  • What new startups do we see emerging and what are their strategies?
  • We will also focus on the future outlooks for the wholesale power and gas markets, energy price drivers, the flex market and the future market design.

All in all, Energy Markets will provide you with the latest updates on market developments and will enable you to network with key stakeholders from the energy trading community, large energy users and solution providers.



You can expect speakers from:

Shell, ENTSOG, Energy Community, Centrica Energy Trading, EFET, Statkraft, Pure Energy, Florence School of Regulation, Priogen, ERGaR, E-Control, European Commission and many more!


The programme is specifically designed for Gas & Power traders, heads of trading, settlement specialists, IT managers, data scientists, market analysts, originators, aggregators, energy managers at energy-intensive companies, TSOs and DSOs.



There is no doubt that Digitalisation is already improving the energy systems in sectors related to safety, productivity, accessibility and sustainability. With the use of digital technologies the sector becomes more connected, smarter, more efficient and reliable. Collaboration between the various stakeholders becomes easier with the help of new technologies and the consumer is more and more included in the decision-making process. 

In the Digitalisation Hub we are going to investigate the nature of these technologies and learn from innovative projects that are in the making, already running or which have finished their cycle, and the secrets of their success (or failure).

At the Digitalisation Hub we are going to include projects and presentations dedicated to the Digital Twin, AI, VR, AR, 3D, Smart Metering and Blockchain.

A session will be focusing on cyber security and ways to keep one’s digital environment safe from attacks.

Another will be dedicated to connected spaces and one more to connected homes, and in particular smart appliances.

The various protocols will be presented at the Digitalisation Hub for you to choose the one that suits your company’s needs.

But this year, we are also going to venture a glimpse into the future and try to identify the – perhaps unknown currently – enabling technologies that will reign the digital transformation in the years to come.



You can expect speakers from:

Hedno, Elia, Terna, Intracom, Grid Singularity, Huckaby, ETIP SNET, Energinet, EDF, EDP, Italgas, Amazon, Siemens, Rescoop, Wepower and more!


If you wish to meet experts like engineers, project managers, policy officers, digital evangelists and professors (to name but a few) that are currently “playing around” with the digital technologies of the future, then the Digitalisation Hub is a must for you!



A futuristic datatopia where young talents and startups come to meet with their peers, but also exchange knowledge with traditional experts is what Initiate! is all about. 

It is the place where the energy sector of the future is being forged, with the advice and guidance of today’s trends and knowledge. This year, Initiate! is going to align itself with European Utility Week and explore the innovative possibilities of the energy spectrum in its entirety. From Generation to Customer Engagement, the future of the sector will “parade” at the Initiate! stage.

In accordance with the latest trends in Europe, Initiate! is going to re-introduce nuclear generation and the ways it can transform itself into a green solution for all Europeans.

Renewables and the decentralisation of the energy sector will be part of the mix, and so will trading among prosumers.

Students and young talents are going to venture an answer to the question “Who owns the data” and how to create a modern Datatopia in Europe to the benefit of the Digital Citizen.

Finally, following the success of previous years, the Initiate! Challenges for students will once more be present at the Initiate! floor.      

If you wish to be part of the busiest, most innovative and diverse hub on the exhibition floor and meet the young talents that are currently shaping the future of the energy sector, then Initiate! is the place for you.



Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

While Europe still depends to a large extent on the capability of centralised power stations to deliver the gigawatts of electricity needed to maintain system stability, the indisputable trend in new build is towards different types of distributed generation.

Understanding what is behind this fundamental shift is key to any business looking to invest in Europe’s infrastructure, supply technology or provide services.

The future of Distributed Generation and unpacking its challenges and opportunities will feature heavily right across the Summit programme and in a dedicated Hub at European Utility Week & POWERGEN Europe 2019. During the three days of the event we will take a deep dive into the strategic environmental drivers and technical advances that are propelling this fundamental change in the industry.

We will also examine the implications of generation connection to the distribution network for a grid that is in need of massive reinforcement if it is to accommodate the explosion in decentralised and bi-directional energy flows. How will the deployment of smart grids play into this new energy mix?

Distributed generation can come in a huge variety of forms, from pure renewable projects to plants using flexible conventional technologies and everything in between. Both fixed and temporary power solutions are needed to provide complete and secure supply. Hybrid solutions are emerging combining energy storage with generation sources. Local power production is more likely to be a combination of heating and cooling along with electricity in order to meet commerce and industry’s needs. Distributed energy can also be entirely off grid in island environments or deployed in district heating and cooling systems.

All these topics and more will be under the microscope in the Distributed Energy Hub theatre and we will also be focusing on the future for gas turbines in power generation. Find out where digital technology is taking the industry, what are the best practices being deployed and which are the stand-out projects in the vanguard of distributed energy generation.



You can expect speakers from:

Valmet, Uniper, Aurora, MAN Energy Solutions, Liberty International, Marafiq, N-Protec and more!



Utilities, municipalities, IPPs, industrial and commercial businesses, investors, EPCs, equipment suppliers and intermediaries.


Hub Sessions topic from the co-located Power generation event POWERGEN Europe.

Lifecycle management

Lifecycle management

The European energy transition has created a need for electricity to be delivered more quickly and efficiently than ever before.
This in turn means that the need for power plant operators to manage their assets with maximum flexibility has never been greater.
Luckily, the energy sector is also witnessing considerable digital developments in areas such as predictive analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things and machine learning, and these are providing owners and operators with unprecedented ways to manage their assets with pinpoint precision.

The Lifecycle Management Knowledge Hub will offer a deep dive into the latest trends and technologies that are shaping the way that power generation is delivered, operated and maintained.

It will explore how Big Data is being successfully used to boost the efficiency, flexibility and lifetime of assets, and will also highlight the latest cybersecurity measures that operators can take to protect their plant and equipment.

The Hub will examine the entire suite of generation fuels. It will deliver the best thought-leadership and case studies for the operation and maintenance of coal, gas, hydropower and nuclear plants – while at the same time offering ‘what-next’ scenarios on how each of these types of generation will evolve in the near future.

And it will also shine a spotlight on the latest cutting-edge renewable technologies that are set to help Europe down its road to decarbonisation.

The Hub will offer must-attend sessions that will help guide your company through Europe’s 21st Century energy transformation. 



You can expect speakers from:

Valmet, Uniper, Aurora, MAN Energy Solutions, Liberty International, Marafiq, N-Protec and more!



Utilities, plant operators and owners, equipment manufacturers, and O&M service providers.


Hub Sessions topic from the co-located Power generation event POWERGEN Europe.


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