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07 Oct 2019

Accelerate 2 Initiate!

Initiate! team

An exclusive match-making program for smart energy corporates and innovative startups where pilots will be tested to bring about a faster transition within the energy space.

Initiate! have partnered to organise an exclusive match-making program for corporates and startups. Accelerate 2 Initiate! is part of the Initiate! startup programme during Europe’s leading smart utility event, European Utility Week (EUW) and POWERGEN Europe 2019, 12-14 November, Paris.

The Accelerate 2 Initiate! match-making programme, coupling corporates with startups in the energy space was introduced in 2018: “Bringing the matching-process between corporates and startups to a new level, generating high market-readiness as well as profit-making outputs.” States Lorena Skiljan, CEO at Hackabu.

Participating corporates are professionally curated during the program and the startups are specially scouted according to the needs of the corporates. “As an accelerator and seed investor, we are part of the A2I! programme to spot startups that help E.ON to build a better and cleaner energy future. We are hungry to meet startups, learn about their teams and innovative business models. In return we would be happy to introduce the new E.ON to the startups, open our immense network and discuss with the startups how to set up pilots and scale the business together.” States Maria Freitag, Venture Scouter & Program Manager - agile accelerator GmbH.

Each corporate connected to the programme and an allocated Initiate! jury, will select one startup to be awarded a negotiation phase for a pilot project in cooperation with the corporate. In addition to this, they will receive an extensive workshop hosted by Initiate! partner The GC Index: “With the ever-expanding ecosystem of players in the energy sector, the ability to effectively align business objectives and technology innovation has never been more critical. The desire to deliver simultaneously on transformational change objectives whilst incrementally improving “business as usual” is a nut all organisations are trying to crack. The most successful companies are driven by teams of people with clarity of purpose, outcomes and collective contribution. Typically, organisations make people decisions based on the traditional data points provided by skills, experience, and personalities. Whilst these are important, the missing piece of the people puzzle is identifying how everyone is going to make their best impact at the right time along the journey, and then unleashing it individually and collectively at the right moments“. Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher, The GC Index.

 “We are expecting an exciting output in the form of lighthouse projects and products as well as cooperation between participants.” Says Sietske Jacobs, Initiate! Director. “The final part of the selection will take place on November 12 in Paris during European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, and is open to all attendees.”

Initiate! Is dedicated entirely to bringing about change and encouraging growth within the utility industry through innovation, passion, inclusion, and diversification. The Initiate! 3-day Programme and Hub will take place during European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, 12-14 November, Paris. These events attract the influencers, disruptors, and innovators in Europe’s energy sector and highlight the strategies and technologies that will deliver a shared vision of a fully integrated and interconnected European energy system.

The Summit programme deep dives into the trends and future direction of each aspect of the sector – from generation to grid to end-users – while the Hub Session Programme on the exhibition floor allows visitors to see the latest technologies first hand, exchange ideas and share knowledge. 

Hot topics include storage and integration, digitalisation, grid edge technologies, and the challenges facing a changing power generation mix.


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Questions & contact:


Initate! - European Utility Week

Sietske Jacobs

Director Initiate!

t: +31 346 290 813 



Lorena Skiljan

+43 (0) 650 920 54 16








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