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Enlit Impact Circle

Unique Amsterdam location hosted the inaugural Enlit Impact Circle meeting


The Enlit Impact Circle, the new industry expert group that succeeds the Advisory Committee for European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, is a gathering of around 60 dedicated energy specialists, who met for an intense day of creative planning, designed to imagine and map out the exciting Enlit Europe 2020 programme. The members identified the essential trends, topics, speakers and formats for both the Summit and the Hub Sessions, as well as Initiate!. These experts from utilities, vendors, IPPs, regulators, startups and others will offer their advice and input to the event's Content team throughout the year, who will use this inspiration to design the grid and recruit top industry speakers for the 2020 Enlit programme in Milan this October.

Of course, we needed a special location to stimulate this creative process and below you can see what we found.

Stay tuned to find out what the Enlit Impact Circle has planned.

Enlit Impact Circle, Francesca Talamo, ANIE Federazione

Meet the Members of the Enlit Impact Circle

Enlit Impact Circle 2020 Group Photo

The Circl, Amsterdam

An inspiring building

The Enlit Impact Circle was held on The Circl, a circular pavilion in Amsterdam with an inspiring story that’s deeply connected to the Enlit values. The building was designed and constructed according to principles of sustainability and circularity, including: it was created to be energy efficient and easy to disassemble, so its impact on the planet was as little as possible; many materials used to build it had previous uses and other raw materials like wood or aluminum can be used again after the building no longer exists; among many others!

The Circl is a place to learn, to inspire and to bring people together, as a living lab for projects on sustainability and circularity, but also as an extension of the neighborhood where it is located, welcoming the local community on its different facilities.

An inspiring story

The building was originally part of the expansion plans of Dutch bank ABN Amro head office in 2015, meant to reflect the traditional way a bank should look like. However, the project changed, to have sustainability as its sole guiding principle. It was uncharted territory for all the involved parties, and together they developed new and remarkable systems and solutions, including the pavilion's system of horizontal and vertical geothermal heat exchangers. The main objective of the building was clear: facilitate a rapid transition to a circular economy. 

In 2017, a building open to the surrounding community and to anyone who wanted to make a positive impact on the energy world was completed, proving that the future ideas and goals of circularity and sustainability needed to be happening sooner than anticipated. But, as a circular building, it is never quite finished. The way it is being used and its future plans continuously evolve, based on the ideas and inspiration of the building’s community.

More information on The Circl and its inspiring story here


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