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02 Nov 2018

Talk community interview: The Faraday Grid

See what Andrew Scobie, Founder & CEO, The Faraday Grid, and Silver Partner of EUW has to say about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry. 
  • What is for your company the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry?

A truly smart energy system offers the opportunity to resolve the world’s energy constraints by modernising the fragile grid system.  The growth and decentralisation of variable renewables are putting an existential threat for a grid system conceived in the 19th century.  The Faraday Grid offers a way to reimagine the electricity system to tolerate higher levels of renewables while providing essential balancing services to deliver cheap and reliable power to end users.

  • What is for your company the biggest threat to the smart energy industry?

Too much of the smart energy sector remains focussed on treating symptoms to our fragile energy system.  Simply shifting cost from one point of the energy value chain to another is the consequence of fragmented thinking.  The starting point is not the technology, rather how do we optimise the energy system to work for humanity?  A true revolution for the smart energy industry must be focussed on making a scalable and tangible impact on the energy trilemma – clean, affordable and reliable power for everyone.

The biggest threat will arise if we do not fundamentally resolve the physical and economic limitations of the electricity grid system before pushing dangerous levels of volatile energy into the mix to meet a political agenda.

  • What are the key topics your company will highlight at this year’s EUW?

The Faraday Grid will highlight that the rigid and fragile electricity grid of the 19th century, which still prevails today, is simply incompatible with today’s environmental and economic aspirations.  If we are serious about decarbonising while improving living standards, then revolutionary technology breakthroughs are required that are able to deliver clean energy, cheaply and reliably – The Faraday Grid has found this breakthrough and will share it with European Utility Week.  Faraday provides a system of decentralised control that puts the grid at the centre of our energy system. Built on hardware known as Faraday Exchangers, they provide the inertia that allows it to be agnostic to the nature of supply and demand, dynamically balancing power flow, voltage, power factor, and phase, it removes all harmonics.  A plug and play device it drops into the current grid replacing transformers, just as we dropped routers in to create the internet without disturbing the telephone system.


Interested in hearing more from Andrew Scobie ? He will be speaking about: “Reinventing the electricity grid for continuing prosperity and innovation, The Local Paradigm"  during the session  A Low Carbon Energy System (7th November) at 15:30 hrs. This session will take place in the Summit, in Strauss 1 room.


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