6 - 8 November 2018 Vienna, Austria

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Low Carbon Energy System

Looking at Clean Energy, what will be the new Energy ecosystem in a carbon-constrained Future?

Experts will participate in this programme to drill into the hurdles of managing a high renewable system, what regulation for a green growth, the local paradigm and changes of existing roles at a local level and a reality check on the business around low carbon mobility and storage.

Designed for Utilities DSO/TSO, Grid Operators, IPPs, Cooperatives, Municipalities, Aggregators and large energy users. European Policy Makers and Regulators, Academia and Research Institutions.



The emergence of the low-carbon economy presents significant economic opportunity to collaborate with businesses, develop new industry sectors partnerships and build resilience

The emergence of the low-carbon economy presents significant economic opportunity to collaborate with businesses, develop new industry sectors partnerships and build resilience

Learn about:

  • how quickly the transition to a low carbon energy system in Europe is happening;
  • what is the future of traditional generation;
  • what is holding back regulation changes;
  • the consumer empowerment - new frontiers;
  • how will we store energy tomorrow;
  • when will infrastructure be ready for the tsunami of demand in E-mobility.

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The Low Carbon Energy System topic will be covered before the event in the form of blog posts, expert articles and interviews. Read on:

  • See what Sandra Trittin, Co-founder & Head of Business Dev. and Marketing, Tiko Energy Solutions, and Gold Partner of EUW has to say about the opportunities and threats she sees for the industry.
  • Edouard Sauvage, CEO, GRDF, France, is a speaker in the Low Carbon Energy System track (6-Nov-2018) within the Summit and will share with us his expert opinion.
  • In conversation with Grzegorsz Nowaczewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Power Plant, we discussed some of the main issues facing electric vehicles on the grid, as well as the potential solutions.
  • Dolf Gielen is the man in charge of renewables innovation at IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency. He’s also chairing European Utility Week’s Low Carbon Energy System Summit session: Manag
  • Interview with Gianluigi Migliavacca, Project Manager - Energy Systems Development Department
  • We spoke to Tom Nysted, CEO of Norway´s Agder Energi, about Europe´s changing energy system, and why the future will be characterised by flexibility.
  • Utility Series 1: Driving change on behalf of the consumers and the sector

    18 Apr 2018 Florence Coullet, Content Director, EUW
    Interview with Santi Martinez, CEO, Estabanell Energia
  • The journey for EV has hardly begun

    10 Apr 2018 Paddy Young, Event Director, EUW
    Central and South Eastern Europe, an unsuspected region in the EV race, has promising roots of change.
  • No single bumper-sticker strategy for “winning”

    22 Mar 2018 Florence Coullet, Content Director, EUW
    Christian Zinglersen, Head of the Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat, shares his thoughts on the Global Energy Market and how it impacts Europe, as well as his thoughts on regulation change. 
  • The Future of the Energy Sector in the Smart City Realm

    05 Dec 2017 Florence Coullet, Content Director, EUW
    One of the most significant discussions for the smart city industry I experienced was the panel interaction that took place during the Sustainable and Smart City track about energy business models.


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