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27 Sep 2019

Talk Community Interview: Pierre-Alexandre SCHEMBRI

Pierre-Alexandre SCHEMBRI, President, Netsach

What does Netsach see as the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry? 

(Artificial) Intelligence and connectivity to your direct environment and objects will drastically change in the coming years the citizen experience in the coming smart cities. 

This intelligence will rely on the correct integration of the complexity in the most transparent way. That means that predictive maintenance, communication between objects and transactional processes will be performed transparently in order to provide the best smart experience for citizens.

The greatest transformational potential for digitalization is its ability to break down boundaries between energy sectors, increasing flexibility and enabling integration across entire systems.

Netsach ambition is to transform this vision and this complexity into reality by developing and integrating this heterogenous ecosystem with the latest developing tools, methodology and innovation.


What does Netsach see as the biggest threat to the smart energy industry? 

•    Multiplication of standards 
•    Proprietary solutions (vs opensource)
•    No cooperation (vs timely, robust, and verifiable data in opendata)
•    Lack of trust (vs blockchain)
•    Heavy regulation (vs build flexibility into policies to accommodate new technologies and developments)
•    No resilience and no privacy (vs privacy and security by design)


What are the key topics Netsach will highlight at this year’s event?

Netsach is modernizing organizations' software systems and offering solutions for the creation of new digital services to reduce time to market for small and medium companies.

What we will be focusing on are the presentation of our tech and our ability to offer solutions in reduced time frames.

In practice, we realize software developments very quickly allowing to:
•    communicate heterogeneous systems
•    optimize and automate operations
•    improve the user experience 
•    build a mock-up or a proof-of-concept

Our tech enables us to offer key aspects for the industry sector:
•    Ability to run cloud native applications in restricted environments
•    Advanced bridging of technologies and protocols
•    No vendor lock-in and API first designs


Netsach is exhibiting in the Initiate! Startup Pavilion



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