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Talk Community Interview: Elena International

Elena International company

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the energy industry? 

The energy industry is changing fast, old structures are questioned, there is a shift to a more decentralized energy system and roles, that were once clearly defined, blurr. In this change there is the opportunity to build a truly sustainable energy system that can safely and environmentally friendly serve the generations to come.


What do you see as the biggest threat to the energy industry?

The biggest threat is that when facing the challenges of the future, decision makers don’t dare to act because they are afraid that something might go wrong. Being afraid of innovation and then, as a result, being outcompeted is a big threat. At the same time, to rush into a solution that does not proof to be viable in practice is a threat. Defining model regions to try new approaches before rolling them out is a solution - yet there could be many more model regions and much more could be tested faster.


What are the key topics you will highlight at this year’s EUW ?

The topic we want to highlight are distribution grids with a high share of renewables. There are many subtopics like the use of flexibilities in the grid, operation of parts of the grid in islanding mode, how to connect new distributed generation units to the grid and to maintain grid stability. We would also like to talk about the topic of scenario analysis since in a fast changing market with an unclear future it is important to be prepared for different possible developments.


Elena International is exhibiting in the Initiate! Startup Pavilion



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