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02 Oct 2019

Talk Community Interview: Dr. Carsten Corino

Dr. Carsten Corino, SunOyster Systems GmbH

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the energy industry?

All player in the industry have the chance to participate in building up the carbon-neutral energy world of the future. It will need renewable energy, energy efficiency and storage. Whereas renewable energies are already quite well developed in the electricity sector (e.g. in Germany 45% in the second quarter 2019), their share needs to be massively increased in the field of heat. Waking up the “sleeping giant” renewable heat will also require seasonal heat storages, following the Danish example. Besides the heat transition, a carbon neutral world will need sector coupling: Using excess electricity from renewables and storing the heat in form of heat (power2heat) and in form of clean gas (power2gas) or other clean fuels. Moreover, clean renewable electricity will help to green the mobility sector where little progress has been made so far. All players of the energy industry have the opportunity to develop new business models and to grow their share in the value creation.


What do you see as the biggest threat to the energy industry?

The biggest threat is the other side of the medal of the fast change of the industry: Who comes too late, will be punished. Those who are acting too slow, are threatened by extinction. We have seen this in the electricity sector where the slow moving dinosaurs of fossil fuel conversion faced very difficult times and needed in many countries protection by the government, e.g. in Spain (sun tax) or in Germany (slowing down renewables by auction systems with low volumes, unfavourable minimum distances for wind turbines etc.). The dinosaurs where outpaced by smaller, faster moving players. At the moment, the electrification threatens also the oil companies who need to re-invent themselves as electrical charging companies such as e.g. Shell. And once again: Don’t forget the heating sector! It is larger than each electricity and mobility: The suppliers of heating oil and gas might disappear, if they don’t offer biofuels, renewable gas and district heat from CHP plants and solar heat.


What are the key topics you will highlight at this year's EUW?

For the complete energy demand of buildings and industries we're going to present the „SunOyster Technology“, a concentrating solar technology which produces heat and electricity at the same time, reaching a total efficiency of up to 75 % in relation to the direct sunlight.

Because the SunOyster produces high grade heat (up to 170°C), the SunOyster can supply a broad variety of heat applications - warm water, room heating, desalination, process heat, high-temperature storage and preheating of steam power plants. In particular, the SunOyster can together with thermal chillers be used for solar cooling. With this ”Tri-generation“ from electricity over heat to cold the SunOyster can provide the complete energy demand of smart building – and this at lower costs than electricity from the grid or heat from natural gas. Visit us on booth R50.P22


SunOyster Systems GmbH is exhibiting in the Initiate! Startup Pavilion



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