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Talk Community Interview: Dima Prisikar

Dima Prisikar CEO functions and co-founder at Xigrid

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the energy industry?

Customer Engagement. Although, not in a traditional marketing sense, but in a much wider scope. For pretty much throughout the entire history of the energy industry, the industry has been sort of too big to care for the customer at the level of individual energy user. Energy generation and transmission are highly capital intensive, hence, there is no much of competition in these areas, and, therefore, no particular incentives to abandon high levels of aggregation when it comes the question of “what does the consumer want?”. However, with the algorithmic data processing and technology that allows us to synchronize and constantly improve the performance of numerous complex processes at hand, Customer Engagement should allow the energy industry to improve efficiencies across all stages, from generation to, ultimately, consumption. Furthermore, the resulting better customer experience should also create new business opportunities with higher margins for the industry.


What do you see as the biggest threat to the energy industry?

Failure to adapt. For many years, the energy industry has been a mature industry that has hardly seen much of truly groundbreaking innovation. This places the industry leadership in a position where change is mostly frowned upon, rather than embraced. In other words, it is this “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” conservative mentality that has been fostered in the industry for over a hundred years. However, today, with changes happening in, literally, every aspect of an individual’s everyday life, the Status Quo has been questioned like never before. As an example, failure to respond to the public’s concerns with sustainability could cause gigantic payoffs, which are hardly something that an already thin-margin industry would want.


What are the key topics you will highlight at this year’s EUW?

Customer engagement, user-centered optimization, intelligent buildings, energy contracts, partnerships for sustainable future.


Xigrid is exhibiting in the Initiate! Startup Pavilion



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