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24 Sep 2019

Talk Community Interview: David White

David White, Business Development Manager, Mixergy

What does (Mixergy) see as the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry? 

The ability to release smart tariffs that link a home’s smart meter to dynamic assets such as Mixergy’s smart hot water cylinder. This will empower consumers to take informed actions and benefit from dynamic energy pricing and would be transformational for the smart energy industry.


What does (Mixergy) see as the biggest threat to the smart energy industry?

Today smart meters and smart tariffs rely on consumers diligent daily planning of energy use and the purchase of capital intensive batteries to be part of a smart energy eco-system - this is not a sustainable method of encouraging widescale adoption of sustainable energy usage. If we can empower people to shift their energy use to match renewable demand and flatten our peak consumption curves the whole energy eco-system will be more sustainable and ultimately more profitable! Then, if Utilities are more profitable, more investment can be made in renewable and alternative energy supplies and systems, accelerating adoption further.


What are the key topics (Mixergy) will highlight at this year’s event?

Mixergy will be highlighting how utilities can provide access to a smart asset that provides more than just energy storage! Mixergy’s smart hot water cylinder offers consumer energy savings, increased control and visibility whilst also enabling widescale adoption of a grid service technology that performs a duty beyond electric storage, smart and efficient hot water provision. We’ll also demonstrate how machine learning can remove the headache from coordinating a disparate virtual store to best serve consumers and utilities needs. Finally, we’ll be demonstrating how simple innovations in a common domestic asset (the humble hot water cylinder) can transform Europe’s energy system.


Mixergy is exhibiting in the Initiate! Startup Pavilion



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