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31 May 2018

How do tomorrow’s energy leaders see the future of the market?

Mette Jessen Schultz & Henrik Tønder Aabjerg Friis
Mette Jessen Schultz and Henrik Tønder Aabjerg Friis, MSc students in Energy Technology at the University of Southern Denmark, set out their personal vision for the future of the energy market.
  • Which technologies and resources will enable a decentralised power system that gives more power to the people?

In the green transition, the decentralised power production technologies will have a significant impact. We believe that the main technologies for this will be photovoltaics and small-scale wind power plants. To ensure the security of supply in such system, it is necessary to combine renewable generation with storage facilities and demand-side flexibility. Storage facilities could be batteries, as power walls or with another main purpose e.g. electrical vehicles, in a combination with sector coupling. We are convinced that we in the future are going to see an electrification of the heat and transport sector. This will enable for more demand-side flexibility, since these consumptions can be shifted without a significant loss of convenience. In the current market structures, there is a need for entities that can pool these decentralised resources to utilise their ancillary system properties. Furthermore, we believe that power-to-gas has a huge potential because of existing infrastructures and flexibility qualities, since gas can be stored and re-converted to power and heat.

  • “The green transition concerns all of us. It’s not just something that governing bodies have to deal with”


  • How do we move to a society where energy is fair and nobody is left behind? And how do we get society to trust our governing bodies?

We believe that it is important to educate people to have a sustainable and green mindset. This will lead to a deeper understanding of the energy demand and more involvement in political activities. We, as a society, have to feel that the problems related to the green transition concern all of us and not only something that the governing bodies have to deal with. As a frontrunner for the green transition, western countries must help other societies, both by knowledge exchange and as being a role model. Just because we in the western countries are aware of our energy usage, does not mean that the climate problem the world is facing right now will be solved. We need to protect the entire world and not only our own country. Shared goals, such as the Paris Agreement, are a great initiative to build fellow-feeling among the countries who have signed the agreement. Furthermore, it is important to inform the societies of the political goals and to follow up on results related to these goals. We believe that such information is important for a society to trust the governing bodies.


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