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14 Dec 2017

Fearless Transition: A New Energy Economy

Sietske Jacobs, Project Manager, Initiate!
Key takeaways from the Initiate! Taskforce Meeting held on the 30th of November 2017 in Amsterdam with key industry experts.

Key ideas:

  • A collectively designed system; diversity is our strength
  • The Power System is Decentralised; power will be given to the people
  • A Transition from Free to Fair; free energy should equal, fair energy


Initiate! is a programme at European Utility Week that connects all levels of the smart energy community and encourages discussion, challenges ideas and helps the industry visualise what the future could look like! By including all players in the eco-system - startups, students, young professionals and established professionals – we intend to support and stimulate positive change and drive the industry forward!

As the project manager for the Initiate! programme at European Utility Week, I am always inspired by the feedback and passion generated from our Initiate! community. With this blog, I would like to share my enthusiasm with you and tell you a bit more about what we have been working on.

Initiate 2018 Taskforce Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, European Utility Week Two weeks ago I met with a great crowd of industry experts, also known as the Initiate! Taskforce 2018, to evaluate and update the Initiate! 2017 Manifesto.  

Firstly we started by thinking how we can challenge the industry, challenge society and most of all challenge ourselves to think outside of the industry’s norm in order to create a future system that is fair and just to all.

One of the main takeaways from the gathering is how we all favour a future where the power system is decentralised, communities are empowered and free to take their own decision and are able to supply their own energy. Since we are looking at a system that is decentralised, we want to investigate how this would work in the future.

Another crucial element to highlight is the importance to truly think how we as a society will protect ourselves in the new energy economy and what we need to make sure there is trust in our governing bodies to have our best interests at heart.  

The last key takeaway I want to share from the discussion focuses on the effect that a decentralised power system will have on management systems. People and business will have to organize themselves locally allowing for autonomy, fairness and localized decision making.

Initiate Manifesto, European Utility WeekI am delighted with the input from the task force members and I am now tasked to work on an Initiate! programme that will reflect these ideas and provide a platform for debate on these topics. 

Everyone has the power to play a role in this energy transition by utilizing their social, economic, political and technological influences. Students, startups, utilities, consultants, cities, governments and associations, all represented and included. The common denominator is an open mind, passion and dedication to make the transition a true success.

In my next blog I will explain more about the 2018 manifesto, but in the meantime I hope to have triggered you into wanting to know more, or even better, to get involved!


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