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Jupiter 1000 and Nice Smart Valley : Two demonstrators to expand Smart Grids

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Jupiter 1000 and Nice Smart Valley are two energy demonstrators located in the PACA region, in the South of France. The Jupiter 1000 project is the first industrial demonstrator of Power-to-Gas (P2G) in France with a power rating of 1 MWe for electrolysis and a methanation process. It aims to initiate the Power-to-Gas industry in France for energy storage as well as evaluate the effect of hydrogen injection into the natural gas network.

In the same time, Nice Smart Valley (which is a part of the European Interflex initiative) tests intelligent electric systems (Smart Grids) for Smart Cities, in order to optimize the electric system on a local scale. In particular, in Nice, it aims at integrating more decentralized dual gas electricity heating equipment such as hybrid heating system and mini cogeneration into the grid, in order to provide local flexibility by switching from electricity to gas. This additional flexibility will enable incorporation of electric vehicle charging stations and/or avoid grid reinforcement.

Both these projects share a common objective: to strengthen the share of renewable energy sources into final energy consumption and to use the complementarity between gas and electricity in order to increase flexibility. Through an association of Jupiter 1000’s Power-to-Gas facilities and Nice Smart Valley’s dual heating systems, it is the whole energy system that can be managed to do so, from energy production to the transport network level to local final consumers. During the periods of low demand (in summer for instance), electricity from RES can be converted into hydrogen and stored thanks to Jupiter 1000 Power-to-Gas technologies.

Then, during winter, when electricity demand is high, hydrogen is transported to decentralized dual heating devices such as mini-cogeneration or hybrid heaters. Thus, electricity can be returned during the winter peak demand, when prices are the highest. In addition to the positive electrical spread, you can add different incomes from flexibility services (local, regional, national flexibility) or avoid power grid reinforcement and help electrical congestion solving. Thus, during high electricity consumption periods, final consumers can benefit from green heat and electricity.


Patrick Prunet, Project Director - GRTgaz


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