12-14 November 2019
Paris, France

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The dedicated ESMIG Zone showcases solutions for smart metering, consumer energy management and safe and secure data transfer


ESMIG is the voice of European smart energy solution providers. ESMIG’s member companies provide products, information technology and services for multi-commodity metering, display and management of energy consumption and production at consumer premises.

ESMIG advocates for a regulatory framework that accelerates the introduction of its members’ innovative products and services, which are fundamental to the smart energy and water systems of Europe’s future.

ESMIG actively contributes to the creation of a competitive internal energy market by development of architectures and open standards that allow efficient implementation and integration of new energy management technologies and services.

10 years of digitising Europe’s energy

In 2008, five meter manufacturers created ESMIG and it all started at European Utility Week (back then, known as Metering Europe). They strongly believed that European energy measurement markets were about to undergo significant changes, with utilities making substantial investments in smart metering. ESMIG’s goal was to help anticipate and plan for these changes, creating an organisation that better reflected the interests of all industry players.

In recent years, it has become clear that realising the full benefits of smart meters means considering the associated impact of communications technologies, flexible demand, data, security, interoperability and consumer engagement. Our membership has come to reflect this development and we have evolved from the smart metering industry group to become the smart energy solution providers.

We have worked intensely in this capacity with the European Commission and Member States to advance smart meter roll-out and to understand what needs to be done when the roll-out is complete, if we are to realise the expected benefits. Simultaneously, we have worked with our members to find innovative solutions to address the challenges of interoperability, security, consumer tools and data management.

Find out more about the status of the energy transition in Europe and how we are making it happen by downloading our 10 Years Anniversary Report

And join us for our Anniversary Reception and live demonstration of how meter data enables new energy services on Wednesday 7 November, 17:45, ESMIG Pavilion - A.b50

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