12-14 November 2019
Paris, France

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Country Partner: Germany

On 15 May 2018, EUW organised our German stakeholder meeting in Berlin to discuss Germany’s involvement in 2018 event as a partner country.

The aim of this stakeholder meeting was to gain a deeper understanding of the clean energy transition and put together a strong programme that will push forward the debate across all fronts, both on a thematic level and in a geographic sense.

The meeting hosted 14 representatives from various German companies and organisations from the energy sector (see full list below). In a two hour brainstorm, our German stakeholders gave us an overview of all the great projects and best practices Germany as partner country can showcase throughout the EUW programme.

Amongst these best practices, for example, are the projects funded by the SINTEG programme, which aims to set up large-scale showcase regions for developing and demonstrating model solutions that can deliver a secure, efficient and environmentally compatible energy supply with electricity being generated to a large extent from volatile sources such as wind or solar.

The programme places a clear focus on building smart networks linking up the energy supply and demand sides, and on the use of innovative grid technology and operating strategies.

It thus addresses key challenges of the energy transition including the integration of renewables into the system, flexibility, digitisation, system security, energy efficiency and the establishment of smart energy systems and market structures. The project makes an important contribution to moving forward the digital transformation and the energy transition.

Check out the various SINTEG sessions in our Summit and free-to-attend Hub Sessions (on the right).

German stakeholder meeting participants

  • Andrea Immendörfer, Project Manager Energy Management & Sustainable Buildings, Steinbeis-EuropaZentrum
  • Christiane Nowotzki, Senior Manager, World Energy Council Germany
  • Daniel Friederich, Business Innovation I Manager Digital Communications & Events, EWE AG
  • Falk Engelmann, Deputy Head of Department, VKU
  • Janis Gummersbach, Project Manager Energy Technologies, Berlin Partner
  • Karsten Wiedemann, Spokesman, Bundesverband Neue Energiewirtschaft e.V. (bne)
  • Katja Fechner, Manager Trade Shows & Marketing, VDMA
  • Keith Punzalan, Global Head of Business Development, VDE Renewables GmbH
  • Lennart Ehrl, Academic Coordinator, TU Berlin
  • Markus Graebig, Project Leader WindNODE, 50hertz Transmission GmbH
  • Robert Sarcevic, Senior Marketing Consultant, Siemens AG
  • Robert Spanheimer, Leader Smart Grids & Smart Home, Bitkom
  • Torsten Knop, Head Of Regulatory Affairs Grid Tariffs, innogy SE
  • Wolfgang Rolshofen, Project Management Jülich I Division Energy System - Integration, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH


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