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06 Aug 2019

Talk Community Interview: Ruediger Koenig

Ruediger Koenig, Executive Advisor to investors and suppliers in the low-carbon energies value chain

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the energy industry?

The combination of new technological capabilities (digitalisation, materials and manufacturing, etc.) as well as political drivers (sector coupling, CO2 policies, energy security concerns, etc.) creates an enormous new market, both in terms of energy production and uses as well as new infrastructure needs. This offers growth opportunities for innovative solutions.


What do you see as the biggest threat to the energy industry?

As an external threat, the EU-level and individual national policies may evolve in disparate directions, pursuing inconsistent goals, and not providing a sufficiently fair, efficient, predictable and sustainable framework. This increases business risks for all industry participants – suppliers, operators, users and their respective investors.

As an internal threat, when a black swan event submits the industry to a stress test (data security and systems functionality), which solutions will prove sustainable, which will fail (and how badly)? This is a direct threat to the economic survival of certain industry players, certain of their customers, as well as an indirect threat to economies and societies at large.


What are the key topics you will highlight at POWERGEN Europe?

Showcase technical and business solutions: for example, how renewable fuels in generation can provide an important contribution to reliable and flexible energy systems and how they form part of a complex energy ecosystem that depends on a stable regulatory framework.



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