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15 Oct 2019

Talk Community Interview: Jörg Dolski

Industrial PPA and the carbon-neutral manufacturing site of Mercedes-Benz in Poland. It is a pioneer project, one of many to come?

We see renewable energy being competitive in the energy markets in Europe, also in purely merchant markets without governmental subsidies.

With our long-term supply contract for wind-generated electricity, VSB helps Mercedes Benz to pave the way towards carbon-neutral manufacturing with a strategic investment: for the first time, the automaker will power an engine plant using electricity from renewable energy sources only. Bringing together the industrial sector and the wind energy sector, the PPA is the first of its kind in Europe. As of 2019, VSB wind farm “Taczalin”, which is located around 10 km from the plant, will supply green energy for the entire high-tech facility. The 22 wind turbines were commissioned in late 2013 and have a combined installed capacity of 45.1 MW. VSB Group developed the wind farm and operates it as well. In choosing locally-generated electricity from renewable sources, Mercedes-Benz has assumed the role of an international pioneer in the automotive industry. Therefore, our job as project developer far exceeds putting a wind turbine in a field. We develop business models that make energy from renewable sources attractive for high-volume consumers and customers from the industrial sector, offering multiple advantages: stable and predictable energy costs with medium to long-term purchase of electricity, self-sufficiency while also reaching Corporate Responsibility targets.

Our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is a milestone for both the wind energy sector and the automotive sector and shows a pioneering achievement on how to shape tomorrow’s energy landscape. We are convinced that PPAs are becoming an increasingly popular tool for suppliers of wind-generated power and major power consumers in Europe and around the world. Recent developments are emphasising the fact that renewable energy is competitive, also in markets without governmental subsidies. This is a first step into a modern and clean energy future with great potential.


More info here about the Mercedes-Benz project.


Do you think the challenges still remain on the permitting/regulation side? What is Repowering for you and the main challenges for the industry?

Repowering is the main driver for installations in the future and also a core focus for VSB for future growth. We therefore believe that substantial share of installations will originate from repowering assets.

Nevertheless, we are also facing more challenging  permitting requirements, which makes it more difficult to repower existing units. Repowering enables us to replace units over 20 years old which no longer can be operated economically with modern and more efficient turbines. The number of WTGs is significantly reduced, while the amount of produced green energy is multiplied compared to previous installations.
It´s the common task of the wind industry to work with proper argumentation on the political side to reduce permitting hurdles while increasing acceptance among the population.


Are there other projects or ideas VSB is working on at the moment?

For over 20 years, VSB has contributed to shaping the environmentally friendly and resource-saving energy supply. We are completely passionate about clean energy production and are eager to discover new ways to promote the expansion of renewable energies.

One of our new business areas/ units in Germany is ENERGYNIOUS, where we target mid-sized industrial and commercial companies to support them with tailorable energy production and efficiency concepts to ensure economic competitiveness and social responsibility at the same time. We offer the full value chain and do not stop after consulting. Our full service includes the follow-up with our clients on the proper concept, followed by the implementation as well as operations management and maintenance concepts. If the client requires contracting for green energy supply, we are also able to make individual offers.


This sounds interesting! What exactly is ENERGYNIOUS doing and what are the benefits for the clients?

It all starts with the customer needs. Beside pure electricity, this can be cold, heat, air pressure or even charging infrastructure for E-Mobility. Based on the requirements, ENERGYNIOUS develops an individual concept consisting out of own energy production units, residual energy supply and intelligent energy management systems, including storage solutions to serve the customers energy needs in the most efficient way.

This leads us directly to the client’s benefits. The investment will pay out economically for the companies after only a few years, depending on size and technologies we choose. More important is the CO2 reduction, which comes with an immediate effect, and the partwise independence from the public energy price. Another advantage is that the customer can present their business as eco-friendly and technology wise state-of-the-art at the same time.


What does VSB mean actually?

The letters VSB in the corporate name represent the Latin words for wind, sun and bio-energy: Ventus, Sol, energia Biologica. Those are the core business areas, the VSB Group started with in 1996. Renewable energy has been at the heart of the work performed by the VSB Group’s experts since then. The small engineering firm gradually evolved into an international company with 300 employees, which today operates from many service hubs and 19 national and international locations. VSB has commissioned more than 650 wind energy and photovoltaic plants with a combined installed capacity of approximatelly 900 MW and an investment volume of €1.4 billion.

More Info about VSB: www.vsb.energy


Jörg Dolski, Managing Director of VSB Holding GmbH, will be part of the C&I (Commercial & Industrial) Energy Users Summit Programme during European Utility Week - explore it here: “Under the hood of recent PPA deals”





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