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10 Apr 2019

Smart meters and smart data

Willem Strabbing, Managing Director, ESMIG

ESMIG Managing Director, Willem Strabbing (on the right), signed the partnership agreement with European Utility Week's Event Director, Paddy Young (on the left), and shared his views on smart meters, smart data and more. Read on:


  • What are the benefits of using smart meters for consumers?

These benefits will come in stages. First, they create an opportunity to have real-time insight into energy consumption. Our recent research shows that savings up to 8% are reachable when this insight is provided via In-home Displays for example. When dynamic tariffs are introduced, consumers can shift (manually or with the help of intelligent energy management applications) their consumption to low-tariff time zones. Finally, when offering consumption flexibility to Energy Service Companies (Flexibility Operators) consumers can be rewarded for this offer.

  • Who do you think should own the data provided by the smart meters?

For consumption related data that will always be the consumer. For meter and power related data (that cannot be considered as personal data), this will be the owner of the meter. So it depends on the type of data. This is also indicated in the concerning European Data Protection and e-Privacy Regulations. However, according to the GDPR (the EU General Data Protection Regulation), the grid operator can collect the personal consumption data as long as it is related to the legal obligation the grid operator has. Together with Utility Associations, we are in contact with the European Institutes to get the new e-Privacy Regulation in line with the GDPR so the collection of meter data is considered in a similar way.

  • How would you tackle cyber threats in regards to the smart metering infrastructure?

This has to be a continuous activity. The products of ESMIG members can reach a high-security level and we are working on a security certification approach to evaluate the security of Smart Meters. However, the organizations that maintain and operate the system (components) also need to reach a sufficient security level to keep the metering system safe.

Furthermore, continuous monitoring of the system is a key element to discover hacking attempts and update the security when needed. According to the NIS directive, the operators of essential services need to have adequate system protection in place and exchange information about incidents that have occurred, so a positive spiraling movement is in place where the security of a critical infrastructure is continuously improved.


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