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02 Nov 2018

Talk Community Interview: ELSA

See what Eric Portales, ELSA Project Coordinator and Project Director of Bouygues, has to say about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry.
  • What is for your project the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry?

The development of electric mobility will put on the market a very important quantity of second life batteries. This will be a very interesting opportunity, in parallel with the development of renewable energy production to build low-price storages for stationary applications in buildings or for grid stability.

  • What is for your project the biggest threat to the smart energy industry?

The biggest threat to the smart energy industry is from the ELSA point of view the lack of a regulatory framework for electrical storage. As a result, the services allowed differ in each European country. In some countries the markets are not opened, several services cannot be commercialized reducing the financial interest for the European Energy sector.

  • What are the key topics your project will highlight at this year’s EUW?

ELSA will bring to the market scalable, low price solutions for stationary storages, allowing services for buildings, districts and for the distribution Grid with the corresponding SW to operate it safely and different EMS to bring the Services to customers.

Eric Portales is ELSA Project Coordinator and Project Director of Bouygues.


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