12-14 November 2019
Paris, France

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Talk community interview: EcoSwing (Eco-5)

See what Dr. Carsten Bührer, Partner at ECO 5 GmbH in charge on EcoSwing ( EU project zone) has to say about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry.

  • What is for Eco-5 the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry?

"Superconductors are extremely smart wires. Superconductors clearly have the potential to be a key enabling technology of the 21st century. With the EcoSwing results showcased here we can send a clear message: Superconductive gear can outperform conventional equipment in terms of cost, size and weight."

  • What is for Eco-5 the biggest threat to the smart energy industry?

"Smart energy will change the way we produce, transmit, control, and use electricity. The biggest threats would be a stand-still of development, or a lack of public acceptance. Therefore, we absolutely have to communicate our technical advancements as well as the tangible benefits they produce for any end-user. Stand-still is failure. Specifically the German Energiewende is vulnerable to a lack of progress"

  • What are the key topics Eco-5  will highlight at this year’s EUW?

"We will showcase the EcoSwing generator for use in wind turbines. This cross-European project which was co-funded by the European Community is nothing less than world's first superconducting low-cost, lightweight drive-train demonstrated on a large-scale modern wind turbine. After successful testing at a ground-based laboratory, we took and installed the generator atop of a 3.6 MW turbine in Northern Jutland. Now we look forward to a very windy season to let the EcoSwing generator excel under harsh, but realistic conditions."


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