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23 Aug 2019

Meet the projects: RESPOND

Mio Dart, Energy Expert and Account Executive, Dexma Energy

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the energy industry? 

The breadth of attendees and presentations at EUW shows that there are many great opportunities for our sector, and there are plenty of pieces of the pie for everyone willing to innovate and cooperate towards our common goals.  Examples of this include wider applications such as demand response, which bring together many trending elements at this year's EUW, such as IoT technology, energy storage, regulatory enablement and the role of AI in energy management detection and analysis to maximise the benefits of demand response.


What do you see as the biggest threat to the energy industry?

We've known for many years now that the energy industry is and will continue to undergo a period of rapid change, with new generation sources and consumer needs being just some of the drivers.  This obviously comes as a threat to many existing and established energy companies, but many are doing a great job of adapting their business models and company focus to remain not just relevant but also leaders against the wider threats that climate change brings. In this context, new customer engagement tools based on smart meter data are key, along with other innovative services such as demand response and real-time monitoring. Similarly to telcos and banks, utilities are changing from pure energy suppliers to being energy service companies.


What are the key topics you will highlight at this year’s EUW ?

Making the benefits of demand response available to everyone is something that we are keen to discuss - how do we make sure that all stakeholders are adequately compensated for their contributions, as well as for the benefits they receive? How do we leverage existing infrastructure and tools such as building and energy management systems to not only inform new demand response infrastructure investment, but also promote other innovative energy services recently created by utilities (customer engagement, energy monitoring, etc.)?  What is the role of AI in the future of energy management, and how do we cooperatively collaborate to make sure the maximum number of customers benefit from this technology, while keeping our data secure and safe? These topics (along with others) are being addressed in the RESPOND project, represented by DEXMA at EUW.



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