12-14 November 2019
Paris, France

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Energy Markets

The Energy Markets topic was covered before the event in the form of blog posts, expert articles and interviews. Read on:
  • Check the white paper about Italian gas spot market by GME (MGAS)
  • Digital is an important element for the TSO community

    09 Oct 2018 Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General, ENTSO-E
    What are the digital initiatives ENTSO-E have been pursuing this year?  We are seeing significant digital IT investments related to market platforms, system optimisation and transparency with related ...
  • See what Nikolaj Martyniuk, Co-Founder & CEO at WePower, Gold Partner of EUW, has to say about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry. 
  • Big energy users “are looking for visibility”

    19 Sep 2018 Robert Langkjær-Bain
    We spoke to VEMW Managing Director, Hans Grünfeld, about what’s on the minds of commercial and industrial energy users, and why EUW is attracting more from attendees than ever from this sector.
  • Can blockchain save the energy sector?

    Kelvin Ross - Editor in Power Engineering International
    Read this interview to EUW18 speaker Hervé Touati, chief executive of Energy Web Foundation published by PEI. 
  • The role of Utilities in today’s energy markets is changing!

    By Patrick Bauduin, Content Director for EUW’s Energy Markets programme
    I asked Tom Nysted, CEO of Agder Energi how the role of his Utility is changing in the flexibility market specifically.  Tom Nysted: “We have recently established a new company, a new marketplace NODE ...
  • Global Gas - Why LNG is not enough

    01 Aug 2018 Klaus Reinisch, CEO, GEP Investments
    Klaus Reinisch, CEO of GEP Investments, discusses LNG, the new global gas paradigm and its implications and shares his vision on the global gas talent race and next generation winners. A must-read!
  • The ACON (Again Connected Networks) Smart Grids project refers to the effort that will deepen and facilitate the cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic at the Dist
  • The paramount challenges of the Central European power sector and the energy-intensive industry

    10 Apr 2018 Rogier Kuttschreuter, Utility & Partner Liaison, EUW
    Maciej Jakubik, Executive Director at Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP), shares with us how their members position themselves in the energy transition and what their key challenges are.
  • Volatility in the Central and South Eastern European energy markets

    10 Apr 2018 Patrick Bauduin, Content Director, EUW
    Market restrictions, political volatility, limited availability of transmission capacity and uncertainty about nuclear and thermal availability are only some of the factors affecting these markets.


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