12-14 November 2019
Paris, France

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Talk community interview: SAP

Read more about what Miguel Gaspar Silva, General Manager Energy&Utilities and Natural Resources, at SAP EMEA, Platinum Partner of EUW, says about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry.


  • What does SAP see as the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry? 

SAP sees ahead a unique opportunity for utility companies to transform and deliver on the energy transition ambitious agenda, in particular in Europe, but also across the Globe.

Utilities will start working on the basis of a very different knowledge paradigms and solutions, aiming for end to end coordination of information and processes that can deliver the vision of the Digital Utility.

In the Digital Intelligent Utility the information will become the main source of value for utilities across all the elements of the Value Chain.

  • What does SAP see as the biggest threat to the smart energy industry?

A main threat has to do with the difficulties in finding a synchronous speed of transition within the multiple fundamental change enablers.

We have observed over the years that its hard to find synchronization between the organizational, regulatory and technological readiness that are very important for Utilities to transform.

Many times, technology seems to go ahead of the others, important change investments become technology driven without having an adherence to the culture of the enterprise or to the respective regulatory frameworks that many times to take time to align with the transition agenda and respective opportunities.

We also find sometimes important investments on the cultural shift of the organization without having developed enough the innovation culture and technological skills needed to support a proper new culture within the utility industry.

The Energy Transition, and the transition that Utilities in general will need to do, can only be done when innovation is developed leveraging the existing culture and the semantic domains that have been nurtured over the years.  These two in particular, are absolutely fundamental to ensure that new business models and disruptive levels of efficiency can be obtained at the large and very large scale where the industry acts upon.

  • What are the key topics SAP will highlight at this year’s EUW?

SAP will highlight the importance of defining and starting a roadmap for the Intelligent Utility Enterprise.

The Intelligent Utility needs to be able to acknowledge and process data, execute end to end business processes and leverage the insights on data to innovate and deploy intelligent technologies across the board.

The SAP Intelligent Enterprise framework offers utilities a unique opportunity to process and aknowledge high volumes of data, integrate data and applications into a common platform and use both elements to foster end to end business process execution that will be gradually disrupted with the incorporation of intelligent technologies, like blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, conversational User Interfaces and others.

The SAP Intelligent Enterprise also provides ways for Utilities to foster innovation in the context of their business data and semantic domains. Such innovations will be owned by each individual utility and a fundamental support to develop new business models and scale from the startup initiatives to the entire organization, therefore, being able to approach the entire market it is serving.

Interested in hearing more from Miguel Gaspar Silva? He will be in the panel discussion about Enabling technologies taking place in the Summit, Digitalisation session, in Strauss 2 on the 6 - November at 17.00,


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