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05 Nov 2018

Talk community interview: PRIME ALLIANCE

See what Miguel A. Sanchez-Fornie, Secretary General at PRIME ALLIANCE, has to say about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry.

  • What is for your company the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry?

Prime Alliance is a non-profit industrial association with 65 members acting in different fields of the Smart Energy interest: utilities, products and silicon manufacturers, service providers, laboratories, research centers, etc.

Our core concept is to ensure interoperability by means of designing real non-propietary specifications which allows any manufacturer who complies with, and is being certified for, the specification, to offer interoperable products, increasing the desired competition in the market.

PRIME has been fully successful in demonstrating this concept for PLC technology used in Smart Metering deployment all over the world, arriving to almost 20 million smart meters already installed and supplied from many different manufacturers.

The biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry, and in the particular case of our Association, is the full transformation of the energy value chain where, through digitalization, telecommunications will play a fundamental role and the efficiency must be the priority factor to decide among technologies. The best efficiency will be always achieved with competition and non-propietary solutions.

Integration of DER (Distributed Energy Resources) is going on and will arrive to a very high volume, specially in geographical areas where de-carbonization is adopted as a clear social target. This is the motor for transforming the energy value chain and it will require access telecommunications in an ubiquitous way.

For this reason, Prime Alliance has started this year to work seriously on complementary solutions as wireless (RF mesh) and extending our expertise in the case of broad power line with the clear objective od applying our core concept for interoperability.

  • What is for your company the biggest threat to the smart energy industry?

From our point of view, there are several relevant threats for the smart energy industry. Basically, none of them are technological as technology will provide continuously improved solutions, even in fields, like storage, need some acceleration.

The majority of the threats are to be found and addressed in the social, economic and  political arena. In this regard, cybersecurity attack, containing a high technological level, has to be understood as a social and political threat. Also, social non-involvement in the smart energy chain is a threat of avoiding the achievement of targets related to clean energy.

However, if we would have to select the biggest threat today, we would be highlighting the delays for Regulation to adapt and introduce needed changes to this digital transformation.  Networks are needed for energy and, specially for the increasing electrification (remind electric vehicle), and networks are regulated. Without a flexible regulation, very oriented to the innovation, it will very difficult to establish the frame to collect the very large level of investment needed for the energy of our future. 

  • What are the key topics your company will highlight at this year’s EUW?

Interoperability with the requested levels of quality and security.

Non-proprietary solutions to grant competition.

Telecommunications, specially for access of customers and DERS.

Consolidation of PLC PRIME v 1.4 .

Using complementarities from any technology, including Broad Band Powerline.


Interested in hearing more from Miguel A. Sanchez-Fornie ? He will take part of the panel discussion Enabling Technologies, during the Digitalisation session  (6th November) at 17.00hrs. This session will take place in the Summit, in Strauss 2 room.

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