12-14 November 2019
Paris, France

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Talk community interview: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Read what Rolf Gibbels, Head of Worldwide Business Development, Power & Utilities Industry Amazon Web Services (AWS), Platinum Partner of EUW, says about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry.
  • What does Amazon Web Services (AWS) see as the biggest opportunity for the smart energy industry? 

One of the biggest opportunities we see for the smart energy industry is for utility companies to embrace cloud technologies and apply voice services to their offering. From the early days of AWS, innovative and forward leaning utility companies were adopting cloud technology in order to innovate for their customers, bringing smart thermostat technologies, customer service portals, and more to market. Now, we see a clear trend of utilities deploying new applications to the cloud by default, and looking to migrate as many of their existing applications as they can as quickly as possible. This is bringing about new opportunities such as offering connected home technologies and opening up the possibility of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in customer facing offerings.  With the cloud, you no longer need a PhD in AI or ML, or teams of people training algorithms, you can get access to these advanced technologies at the click of a mouse. A key part of these AI and ML technologies is voice services. These give a new way of interacting with IoT devices and replacing keyboards or switch interfaces. Asking your home to turn on the lights, adjust the heating, or turn on the air conditioning is now a possibility, and a big opportunity for all utility companies.

  • What does AWS see as the biggest threat to the smart energy industry?

Digital technologies are set to transform the energy industry to make it more connected, more intelligent, more efficient, more reliable, more consumer friendly, and more sustainable. With this in mind, the biggest threat to the smart energy industry is inertia – utility companies doing things the way they have always done them. By embracing secure and reliable cloud technologies utility companies can help build a bright future for themselves. Doing what they have always done will leave them ripe for disruption from a new, more nimble, technology focused competitors.

  • What are the key topics AWS will highlight at this year’s EUW?

Cloud is becoming the new normal and is powering digital utilities. At this year’s EUW we will be sharing how utility organizations and our technology partners embrace AWS technologies enabling their digital transformation. We will explore advanced technologies such as Amazon IoT, Edge Computing, AI/ ML, Blockchain and Alexa Voice Services and how these can give utility companies better insight into their own organizations while also giving them the ability to delight and surprise customers. This transformation can happen faster than most utilities think, and we will share some of the examples we have of people that are already well underway.


Interested in hearing more from Rolf Gibbels ? He will be the chairperson in Enabling technologies in Digitalisation session (6th November) at 14.00 and will also participate in the panel discussion at 17.00. This session will take place in the Summit, in Strauss 2 room.


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