12-14 November 2019
Paris, France

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Digitalisation and decentralisation are driving fundamental changes to the energy value chain. 

New players will emerge and existing roles have to be refined, reflecting new ways of generating, trading, transmitting, supplying, distributing or consuming energy. 

Over the coming years, digital technologies are going to transform energy systems and hopefully make them more reliable, more connected, safer, more efficient and, above all, smarter.

During our Digitalisation journey we are going to focus on topics such as the digital citizen and the regulations for tomorrow’s utility, cybersecurity and enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and of course Blockchain. 






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This programme is specially designed to meet the interests and needs of Utilities, IPPs, Cooperations and community or municipality based operators, Grid Operators, Consultancies (business, legal, financial), original equipment manufacturers, engineering service providers, EPCs, Cloud platform Providers, Software/application developers, IoT technology providers, Municipal - National - International - European Policy Makers and Regulators, European Commission, Cyber Security Solution Providers, Academia, Research Institutions, Standardisation, measurement and verification institutions/companies, energy-intensive industries and businesses.
The Digitalisation topic will be covered before the event in the form of blog posts, expert articles and interviews. Read on:
  • LoRa Alliance to Share Success Stories and Present as Part of the Enabling Technologies Session
  • Read this article written by Gregorio Ogliaro, managing director, Transmission and Distribution – Europe at Accenture Utilities.
  • Read this outstanding article from Amazon Web services, Platinum Partner of EUW, about Smart homes and Residential Utilities.
  • See what Miguel A. Sanchez-Fornie, Secretary General at PRIME ALLIANCE, has to say about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry. 
  • In the age of digital transformation, the utilities sector needs to focus on cybersecurity.
  • See what Brigitte D’HEYGERE, Trusted Labs President, has to say about the opportunities and threats she sees for the industry. 
  • Read what Philippe Monloubou, Chairman of the Management Board of Enedis, says about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry.
  • Building the Foundation for IoT Innovation

    Phil Beecher, President and CEO of the Wi-SUN Alliance
    Tomorrow’s energy grid will have to do far more than yesterday’s, and its evolution will depend on thousands of distributed devices. Read what Phil Beecher, from Wi-SUN Alliance has to say about it.
  • Read what Rolf Gibbels, Head of Worldwide Business Development, Power & Utilities Ind Amazon Web Services, Platinum Partner of EUW, says about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry.
  • Read what Franck Chevalley, Chief Executive Officer at Atos Worldgrid, has to say about digital technologies and the transformation of the utility industry.
  • Read what Mauro Grimoldi, Head of Sales, Energy & Utilities at Atos, has to say about data driven utilities.
  • Read more about what Miguel Gaspar Silva, General Manager Energy&Utilities and Natural Resources, SAP, Platinum Partner of EUW, says about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry. 
  • "There’s excitement in the energy sector – but also impatience"

    09 Oct 2018 Frauke Thies, executive director, smartEn
    What are the big trends and challenges facing your members? The big changes in the energy sector – digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation – are giving rise to entirely new business model ...
  • See what Carol Leboffe, EMEA Senior Business Development Manager - Utilities at Salesforce, Silver Partner of EUW, has to say about the opportunities and threats she sees for the industry.
  • See what Mike Ballard, Vice President Utilities Industry Strategy of Oracle, Silver Partner of EUW, has to say about the opportunities and threats he sees for the industry. 
  • Blockchain: the instrument for businesses going green?

    08 Oct 2018 Nikolaj Martyniuk, CEO and Co-founder, WePower
    Read this blog post by Wepower CEO and Co-founder, Nikolaj Martyniuk, about Blockchain and how this instrument is a must to build sustainable energy future.
  • Blockchain explained: EUW18 speaker Jo-Jo Hubbard

    Kelvin Ross - Editor in Power Engineering International
    Read this PEI interview with Joanna Hubbard, co-founder and chief operating officer of UK company Electron, about how blockchain is the missing piece in the 21st century decentralized energy jigsaw.
  • Cooperation is a must for TSOs & DSOs!

    30 Aug 2018 By Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director, EUW
    Chris Peeters, CEO of ELIA group, and keynote speaker during European Utility Week discusses his views on the cooperation between TSOs and DSOs and the role of the TSO in a changing market.
  • The SmartNet Project

    29 Aug 2018 Gianluigi Migliavacca, Project Manager, RSE
    Gianluigi Migliavacca, Project Manager, RSE, explains what the SmartNet European research project is all about.
  • The future of the energy industry is here - the industry is evolving and changing quicker than ever before. The sector is now increasingly digitised, automated and smart, and utility networks and syst ...
  • Decentralized Energy and Flexibility: Reasons to Believe

    01 Aug 2018 Albert Cheung, Head of Analysis, Bloomberg NEF
    How will the decentralized energy market evolve? Read the article by Albert Cheung, Head of Analysis, Bloomberg NEF.
  • How data and connectivity will transform the energy business model

    22 May 2018 Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director, EUW
    Are today’s energy companies ready for the changes that digitalisation is going to bring? We asked Brigitte Bach, head of the Center for Energy at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), one of th
  • Energy Business Models for the 21st Century: The Time to Innovate is Now

    12 Apr 2018 Neil Pennington (PhD) and Ana Trbovich (PhD), Grid Singularity & Energy Web Foundation
    Today’s energy companies face a stark choice: innovate or become redundant.
  • HEDNO - the vision and the future plans of Greece’s only DSO

    01 Nov 2017 Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director, EUW
    The CEO of HEDNO, Nikos Chatziargyriou, spoke during the European Utility Week 2017 Summit and explains the vision and the future plans of Greece’s only DSO.
  • How to build the Digitalisation track for EUW 2018

    13 Dec 2017 Henrik Göthberg, Director Group Financial Systems at Vattenfall
    In November, the Advisory Committee Members for EUW 2018 met to brainstorm and come up with the Content Brief for the European Utility Week (EUW) 2018 Summit and Hub Session Programme.
  • The CTO of STEDIN spoke during the EUW 2017 Summit Session on Digitalization “Democratising Energy” and explains the vision and the future plans of this Dutch “Urban” DSO.
  • Digitalisation – a journey, not a project

    07 Nov 2017 Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director, EUW
    Within this blog I take you through the major conclusions drawn from key industry experts during the EUW 2017 Digitalisation track, and how these conclusions are helping me to form my ideas for 2018.


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