Talk Community - with Jan-Peter Doomernik, Senior Business Developer - Asset Management, Enexis

How do you envision the energy system of the future?

Imagine autonomous cars driving people around. And in their spare time delivering energy to your home and industries. Just one example of a new infrastructure of tomorrow..

I work as a business developer at the grid company Enexis. At Enexis we have a strong believe that energy should be available to everyone. The energy infrastructure is important and it makes us proud that in the world of today we realize an affordable, sustainable, reliable and secure infrastructure. 

In the world of tomorrow more and more things are able to create value themselves.  We believe that there is a serious chance that f.e. autonomous assets, artificial intelligence, open blockchains and DOAs could be the building blocks for new infrastructures. New Infrastructures that deliver essential commodities like energy, transportation, water, heat, etc. Imagine for example a swarm of self-driving cars, not only handling the transportation need of the people, but also their energy need. The self-driving car collects energy (PV or any solar-fuel like hydrogen) and delivers it on the address where needed.

Technology research cooperation Gartner expects a “programmable economy” when they predict the future of blockchain. A world where autonomous assets operate with autonomous assets, all having their own P+L on the blockchain.

To be ready for the future we explore different new infrastructures. In our perspective these new infrastructures have to be caring, include everybody and should adhere to our core values: affordable, sustainable, reliable and secure. Everybody can build these new infrastructures. We should be aware that they could function totally different as what we expect.

How do autonomous assets fit your vision of this new energy system of the future and who would own these assets?

 Autonomous assets create value without having an urge for money. We can say the same about AI and for example DAOs on the blockchain. That makes them interesting building blocks for new infrastructures. Especially if you address the topic of ownership. 

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick describes in his Forbes interview an Endgame where Uber runs an autonomous assets. A company like Uber could create a new form of utility  using autonomous Assets. But what would happen if the autonomous assets have self ownership as addressed in the last World Economic Forum

Autonomous assets have no urge for money. And we can create autonomous assets that maintain and manage autonomous assets. In other words: after an initial investment such a future infrastructure could run for an incredible low cost and beneficial for society.  

Image: World Economic Forum

Who is going to finance?

We are also looking at economic models that help society. An example: ownerless autonomous assets that deliver value continuously to the people can well be financed from crowdfunding campaigns. The assets themselves could ask for a small fee just to buy additional assets until the solution is matured in numbers. Any money coming in after that can be shared with the public as basic income. In this way what starts at the cheapest solution possible for the people ends as one of sources for their basic income.

The possibilities to develop new infrastructures beneficial for society are vast. So we are looking actively for co-creation partners! If you are interested please contact me via LinkedIn.

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