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Welcome to a new reality! A reality where all the players in the utility landscape have joined forces to make sure that the energy transition will be completed.

The sense of urgency to achieve this energy transition is crystal clear; we need to act now, before it’s too late. Bold moves have to be undertaken to make a significant impact. Incremental change will remain business as usual. 

Everyone has the power to play a role in this transition by utilizing their social, economic, and technological influences. Diversity is our strength. 

There is no time for looking back, fearlessly we must move forward. Post-energy transition is the dawning of a new energy economy, a better economy, a better planet. 


These are the 3 scenarios we will explore:

  • A Free Energy System It is a perplexing fact that we only seem to look at and talk about energy from the perspective of the existing system. A system that at current is complex, expensive and unsustainable. 
  • Circular and Value-Based Economics The new circular and value-based energy economy is better because it is designed to be restorative, regenerative and renewable. 
  • Decentralised Power Power to the people has taken on an alternative meaning altogether. A long time wish of decentralisation of power is being implemented and these systems facilitate bottom-up innovation.

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