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Eirini Stavropoulou
Director of Islands
Network Operation Dpt
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Fridrik Larsen
LarsEn Energy Branding
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Jeroen Bode
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Jessica Stromback
Joule Assets Europe BE
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Kevin O'Donovan
WW Sales Director focused on Utility Industry
Intel Corporation
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Introducing Eirini Stavropoulou, the Director of Islands Network Operation Department of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operation (HEDNO S.A.), a leader within electrical energy distribution & electrical energy market.



Eirini is an Electrical Engineer with a Master in Business Administration and she holds certificates in “Negotiating Skills” and in “Leading at a Higher Level”. During 1984-2012, she held several positions in the Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC S.A.), such as Director of Purchasing and Transport Department (2006-2012). She was the representative of PPC S.A. at the International Union of Producers and Distributors of Electrical Energy (UNIPEDE) and at the European Union of the Electricity Industry (EURELECTRIC). During her career she has carried out and published numerous studies in Electrical Energy Distribution and Electrical Energy Market related conferences and conventions.

"EUW 2017 is a very important event for HEDNO, since it is focused on utility and electricity companies. Hence, it is believed that EUW 2017 is going to be a great opportunity for HEDNO to expand its network by meeting people from all the other major utility and R&D companies. Additionally, considering the contacts made and the information exchanged during the EUW 2016, it is certain that EUW 2017 is going to bring more such opportunities and HEDNO is going to get updated about all the novel technologies from the best of the field. Furthermore, it is expected to be the perfect occasion for HEDNO to present and promote its work, as a DSO and as an electricity company.

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Introducing Fridrik Larsen, CEO of LarsEn Energy Branding, the branding expert for the energy sector.


    LarsEn consults companies within the energy space how to become brands and/or to brand their products and services.   Prior to launching LarsEn and working only for companies within the energy space, Fridrik branded companies, cities, airports etc.  as well as being a strategic consultant on marketing and finance. Fridrik was the owner/manager of a large promotional company, he is a present and previous member of the board of directors of various organizations and Assoc. Professor of Business Administration at the University of Iceland and previously University of Reykjavik. His main research focus is energy branding and he has published a number of international academic papers and book chapters on the subject and he is the author of “Energy Branding; Harnessing Consumer Power” published by Palgrave.  Furthermore, Dr. Larsen is the former chairman of the Icelandic Marketing Association and founder of CHARGE, the world’s first energy branding conference. 
EUW is a truly international event.  It is the optimum meeting place for networking as it brings together diverse participants from the energy sector from various level of corporate hierarchies. The event provides value to its participants by staying current, working with trusted partners and helping its participants to understand next level energy trends.

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Introducing Jeroen Bode, Project Director at USEF, energy expert heavily involved with the establishment of the Smart Energy Collective, out of which USEF was born.


  Jeroen Bode has held various management functions at Dutch energy supplier Eneco, amongst others responsible for the set-up and operational management of the business-to-business organisation after the liberalisation. Guiding network operator Stedin through its development as high quality network operator in the Rotterdam area, Jeroen Bode was a member of the Stedin board. On behalf of Eneco, and later in his new position as Operations Director at energy consultant GEN (now Energy21), he was closely involved with the establishment of the Smart Energy Collective, out of which USEF was born.

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Introducing Jessica Stromback, Chairman at Joule Assets Europe, a pioneer in scaling energy reduction assets accross Europe.


  With over a decade of experience in the demand response and energy efficiency industries, Jessica Stromback has led the successful rollout of smart energy management programs across Europe with projects involving European utility and grid giants ERDF, Enel, Iberdrola, and RWE. She is currently focused on scaling energy reduction assets (ERA) markets across Europe and leads business development and operations for Joule Assets Europe. As the founder and Executive Director of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), a Brussels-based not-for-profit industry group representing demand side programs in Europe, Stromback was instrumental in developing legislation essential for enabling demand-side flexibility, which will pave the way for EU Demand Response program development. In her previous position as chairperson at VaasaETT, a global energy think tank, Stromback's leadership and expertise helped shape residential demand response (DR) and program design, commercial industrial DR, and market structure requirements. Stromback has also led consultancy and research projects for: ADEME, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Nuon, EDF, Capgemini, RWE, Landis & Gyr, Panasonic, CREIPI of Japan, British Gas, Bord Gais, Union Fenosa, BC Hydro, TietoEnator, E-control, Israeli Electric and Onzo, among others. 
"I have been consistently impressed, year after year, by the level of engagement and number of experts present at EUW. I have made countless positive connections and been exposed to the latest innovations from across the clean energy sector – it is a place to inspire and be inspired! I look forward to what EUW 2017 has in store.

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Introducing Kevin O'Donovan, Sales Director focused at Intel Corporation on the Utility Industry within the Influencer Sales Group Energy Vertical team, an expert in thought leadership and vertically oriented strategies that solve key industry business challenges and opportunities.



In this role Kevin is responsible for delivering thought leadership and vertically orientated strategies that solve key industry business challenges and opportunities; working with Intel's extensive ecosystem in the creation of new and innovative joint sales engagements.

As the Utility Industry continues to be impacted by what’s become known as ‘Digitization’, European Utility Week continues to be the event where all the latest & greatest technologies, uses cases, opportunities & implications come together. Now over the past few years there have been a few... Smart Grid, Smart Home, M2M, IoT, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Solar, eVehicles, Distributed Resources, Makers, AR, VR, AI, Big Data, BlockChain to name but a few. Year on year European Utility Week has been the place to be in order to make sense of it all. With the three days of EUW, because of the quality of the attendees, the content and the entire eco-system participating, then one can figure out quickly what’s hype and what’s real in this Industry."

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