Advisory Committee Meeting

The role of the Advisory Committee is to help the EUW programme team put together a framework for the Summit and Hub Sessions based on market trends, industry challenges and policies that will effect the market now and in the future. 

60 industry professionals were carefully selected and invited to attend the Advisory Committee Meeting for European Utility Week 2017. Members of this year's Advisory Committee consisted of representatives from the utility industry, government, industry analyst/research firms, energy traders, exchanges and solution providers. 

This is what ACM members had to say about the meeting in Amsterdam!

Mercè Griera i Fisa, Head of Research & Innovation Sector, European Commission (Belgium)

When we are in our normal working environment, we have many constraints, we can’t brainstorm as openly as in here. It’s a good learning opportunity for all of us. 
These type of meetings give us a more 360° vision of the issues, because we are working just from one perspective and to discuss with people that are looking at the same issue from another angle allows us to have a more holistic view of the issues we need to handle every day.


Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, EASE (Belgium) 

You need to be always challenging yourself and your team to try to find new and interesting topics.

Susanne Nies, Corporate Affairs Manager, ENTSO-E (Belgium)

This is a very good setting to bring together the main stakeholders and experts to discuss the agenda with complementary views.


Roberto Zangrandi, Special Advisor, 
EDSO for Smart Grids (Belgium)

Cyber security is something that everybody needs to handle and address, but it is something that will bring surprises and unforeseeable things while evolving, that are beyond our tradition, our knowledge and also our expectations in terms of security.


Eirini Stavropoulou, Director, HEDNO (Greece)

The most challeging topic we discussed was the new role of DSOs and the new technology and applications of storage systems.

Guillermo Amann, Vice-President, T&D Europe (Spain)

Everything is very challenging in the energy revolution topic, especially storage, it will challenge the scenario dramatically.


Mercè Griera i Fisa, Head of Research & Innovation Sector, European Commission (Belgium)

I was happy to introduce the perspective of ethics and liability in the discussion and seeing people embraced it and enriched it.  


Frauke Thies, Executive Director, Smart Energy Demand Coalition (Belgium)

One core challenge we discussed was: how do you make this innovation possible and help these new business models emerge, while at the same time keeping the market fair?  

Marion Labatut, Manager Wholesale and Retail Markets, EURELECTRIC (Belgium)

We converged pretty well in the Retail session, looking at the new business models, the data challenges, the market design and what is the value for consumers, but also what is the actual financial value of the new services going forward and how will the business evolve.


Jorge Moreira, InovGrid Manager, EDP (Portugal) 

I think it's important to bring the DSO perspective and how it can contribute to the changes taking place currently in the energy industry, understand how it can contribute and shape its role in this new ecosystem.  


Antonio Ciccarelli, CEO, SEA Servizi Energia Ambiente (Italy)

A challenging topic is always everything related to new business models; to develop and make buildings more efficient and intelligent and then all the issues related to funding and financing those projects, especially in the residential sector.

Katarzyna Dziamara-Rzucidlo, Project Director, PGE - Polska Grupa Energetyczna - Capital Group (Poland)

The most challenging fact is that Intelligent Buildings is a topic that merges many elements, because you will not solve it without the intelligent grid, digital solutions and many other elements. So it works like a hub that has to gather everything to really become intelligent.


Amsterdam hosted a 'vibrant' Advisory Committee meeting

More than sixty smart energy industry's thoughtleaders gathered in Amsterdam on the 31st of January and the 1st of February to discuss the trends and latest developments in the industry and help build the European Utility Week 2017 (EUW17) Programme. 

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