European Utility Week audience statistics

 Antonio Ciccarelli

"I felt honored to participate as a Brand Ambassador to the 2016 edition of the European Utility Week. EUW has once again proven to be one of the most interesting and engaging events in Europe. A great opportunity to exchange new business ideas, to discover the latest developments in the smart energy industry, to meet extraordinary speakers and start uppers."

Antonio Ciccarelli, CEO, SEA

Bo Normark

 "European Utility Week is instrumental to keep up with the development in a unique time of transformation. New Technologies, business models and actors can all be explored during a limited time and in a limited space. For me the takeout this year is the acceptance of storage as a potential game changer in the electricity industry."

Bo Normark, Thematic Leader, Smartgrid and Storage, Innoenergy

Eric Woods "European Utility Week 2016 once again provided a unique opportunity to engage in a range of fascinating discussions about the future of the European energy sector. Times are changing quickly, and all sections of the industry continue to face new opportunities and challenges. Open and honest debate are essential if we are to weather those changes successfully. I look forward to continuing these important discussions at EUW 2017."

Eric Woods, Research Director, Navigant Research

Francisco Puente

"EUW 2016 has been a great opportunity to share the latest market trends and project results with key heads of the utility sector, thus increasing our network. The organizing team make it work smooth and easy for speakers and attendees. Both the Summit and the Hub we participated were just a great experience!"

Francisco Puente, Project Lead, EC Project USMARTCONSUMER

Gianluigi Migliavacca

"I think the event was, as for every edition, a great success. The formula of putting together exposition on smart grid solutions and sessions to illustrate technical studies and research activities proved very effective also this year and I think this a unique feature that distinguishes EUW from all other events on smart grids.”

Gianluigi Migliavacca, Project Manager, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE

Joao Torres

"EUW is becoming each year a special occasion to know and debate with special people about energy sector challenges."

João Torres, Chief Executive Officer of EDP Distribuição

Lotta Henrysson "To participate in Initiate! during EUW2016 was very inspiring. I got to meet so many talented and ambitious people interested in our business and that gives me great hope for our business in attracting talents."

Lotta Henrysson, VP Human Resources, Vattenfall Distribution

Manuel Jesus Tellechea

"European Utility Week is the reference event regarding Smart Grids that nobody should miss. It is the best place to show your products, to look for providers/clients and to learn about the trends of the sector. Everything, jointly with a superb program of professional and ludic activities."

Manuel Jesús de Tellechea Suarez, Smart Meter Solutions, Global Infrastructure and Networks Enel

Robert Sarcevic

“EUW for me is definitely Europe's largest and most comprehensive smart energy event, focused on smart utilities and those who intend to become it, including all aspects, such as smart energy technologies, business frameworks and associated aspects. If you want to meet business professionals, experts, decision makers and innovators for the smart energy arena, you have to show up at EUW”.

Robert Sarcevic, Senior Marketing Consultant, Siemens

Roberta Bigliani "Utilities finally embraced change. During EUW sessions, delegates could perceive that the industry overall is moving faster than in the past. Utilities have now a clearer vision of their digital transformation. While building new capabilities, they are experiencing that the “digital mindset” is one of the most critical aspects to address."

Roberta Bigliani, Associate Vice President and Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, IDC Energy Insight 

Ryan O'Keefe

"European Utility Week undoubtedly represents a valuable platform for utilities to connect and discuss the trends of the industry."

Ryan O’Keeffe, Director of Communications, Enel

Ben Todd

"EUW has the possibility to bring together all of the major players and sprinkle some of the future thinking that we need and combine the new thinking with existing knowledge, wisdom and capabilities to come up with solutions to change the world. This is particularly true in the co-located event Energy Revolution Europe, where integration is key for a successful renewable strategy."


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