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Press Pass

If you are a member of the press and you are interested in attending European Utility Week 2017 with an all access pass to the 3-day Summit, Hub Sessions, exhibition and press room, please send an e-mail to Natasha Jennings and attach a scan of your press accreditation to the mail. 

The press room is for visiting journalists to use for information gathering, writing and interviewing. Journalists attending the event will be given a document with details of all press activities going on during the event.

If you would like to schedule an interview with Paddy Young, Event Director of EUW, or any other speaker, please let Natasha Jennings know, as she will be able to coordinate this for you. 

Press Room

The press room is open to journalists with a press pass and has all the facilities you need as a journalist - internet access, electricity socket, press information from exhibitors, agenda schedule, etc.

Exhibitor support

If you are an exhibitor wishing to conduct press interviews, please let Natasha Jennings know as she may be able to help schedule these in the press room. If your company is planning any press activity or planning to make any announcements at the event and requires marketing support, please inform Natasha Jennings as well. 

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For any further questions or queries please contact:

Natasha Jennings
Phone:+31 346 290 813

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