Talk Community - with Marko Kruithof, Chair of Dutch Power

Marko Kruithof, Chair of Dutch Power, and colleague Michelle Brouwhuis 

What can we expect from Dutch Power at European Utility Week 2017?

The Netherlands has a high-quality grid, lots of test beds and new innovations to share. Our goal is to create a unique form of collaboration that lays the foundation for open innovation: sharing knowledge to multiply knowledge. At the European Utility Week (booth 1L61) we will represent 20 companies (Alfen, Accenture, CGI, DNV GL, Eaton, ELEQ, Enexis, Fugro, Info Support, Joulz, 3M, Petersburg Consultants, Phase to Phase, Satel, Smart Society Services, Stedin, Technolution, TKF and Top Sector Energy). They would like to engage in dialogue with visitors and partners of the European Utility Week. 

Looking at the Smart Energy Sector, what do you expect will change in the future and what technologies will drive this change?

It will be all sustainable. To reach that goal we need an energy transition. And that transition is happening as we speak. One of the biggest developments is energy storage. Another one is related to the customer needs; customers need to be able to share sustainable energy locally - locally produced and used. We need to create a different market model in which sustainable energy is accessible for everybody. If you can achieve that, you will have a blueprint to share with the entire world, including places where they have little or no access to energy. 

What are you working on to overcome these challenges?

At Dutch Power, we are trying to work out what the energy landscape will look like the next decades. For this to manifest we come together and mainly discuss technical topics and the evolvement of the market and market models with different organisations, DSOs, TSOs, suppliers, vendors, consultants, universities and students. We believe that everyone is important to create the energy landscape of tomorrow. So, we would like to invite you to meet us at European Utility Week (booth 1L61) and start sharing knowledge to multiply knowledge.       

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