EMART - Energy Trading

What is EMART and why is it co-locating with European Utility Week 2017?

EMART Energy combines a strong conference programme with a lively exhibition floor, interactive hub sessions and multiple networking moments divided over two days. Attracting 650+ attendees, of which 64% represent the largest trading firms from across 30+ countries, EMART Energy is the no. 1 platform for Europe’s Energy Traders. 

By co-locating with European Utility Week, EMART Energy keeps the pace with the new market dynamics, allowing its attendees, exhibitors and partners to strengthen their contact with new players, energy providers and industry stakeholders, and expand their knowledge by sharing experiences, case studies and best practices with the smart energy community. 

As an exhibitor, you can expand your business by networking with senior-level trading professionals and showcase your brand to a strong and broader audience from across the energy market. 

Who will you meet on the Exhibition Floor?

The EMART Energy's attendee list emphasizes the event’s character as the leading platform for high-level traders, with the entire value chain of the traded markets present, including:

  • Back & Middle Office Managers
  • General Managers
  • Heads of Gas Trading
  • Heads of Origination
  • Heads of Power Trading
  • Heads of Regulatory Affairs 
  • Managing Directors
  • Senior Analysts

Networking, networking

Recognizing the quality of our attendees of which over 65% are high-level traders, EMART Energy is designed to enable you to meet your peers, form partnerships and find collective answers. This year again much of the high-level content is going to be available on the exhibition floor and there will be an even stronger emphasis on networking throughout the many meeting facilities such as: Coffee and Lunch Breaks, Game Area, Traders' Bar, Networking Reception and Traders' Party.

For more information about exhibiting at EMART contact:

Thomas Crabtree
Sales Manager – Energy Trading Portfolio
Phone: +31 346 290 780
E-mail: thomas@synergy-events.com

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